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Buzzword Corner - Digital Transformation

As 2016 draws to a close, there’s just time for one more Newsletter. Given that the IT developments of 2016 have been rather overshadowed by other events, I thought I’d look to the future and pick up on one of the latest technology buzzwords to give you food for thought over the holidays.

Digital Transformation (DX for short) has been getting a lot of press coverage at the moment, but one wonders why? DX should have been on the agenda of every board meeting for the last 15 years or more. There’s always some new technology that has come of age and is ideally suited to assist your business, so why hasn’t this been tested and implemented? And why suddenly give this a new name, Digital Transformation, and shout about it as though it is something new.

The honest answer is, I don’t know. It is true that the rate of change and development is ever increasing, and there is so much more that can be done today than was even possible just 5 years ago. Also, technology companies need to sell their wares and to do this they need Marketing, therefore buzzwords are born.

Top three drivers for DX
• An improved customer experience
• Optimised operations
• Survival of a business

Top three inhibitors of DX
• Lack of IT agility and skills
• Legacy systems
• Slow decision making

Anyone who has been responsible for any business will agree wholeheartedly with this list for any change project, not just technology ones. If any change project, in any area of the business, doesn’t address each of the “three drivers”, then you should question why you are doing it. The benefits of any change project will always be restricted by all of the “three inhibitors”.

I suppose the essence here is that DX is nothing new. From a technology perspective, every business must be willing and able to review what technologies are available and which of them will help drive the business forward. What is new is the amount of time and effort that constantly needs to be put into this exercise just to keep up with new developments. The reasons for doing this are self evident. Overcoming the inhibitors will always be the challenge.

NLDC exists to help you overcome these inhibitors by adding the necessary IT skills, working with incumbent, legacy systems providers and making balanced impartial recommendations to assist the decision making. The key point to take away here is that IT has never been a tick box exercise – spend a lot of money and then move on to something else. Reviewing and amending your use of technology, now, more than ever, is an ongoing business requirement, not something to look at every 5 years.

Whilst I am always sceptical about new buzzwords and marketing claims, the truth is that technology moves very quickly these days, and keeping up is an ever increasing challenge.

Be Password Aware

It seems that Talk Talk are still struggling with cyber security.

Some routers supplied to customers are vulnerable to the Mirai worm. This has allowed 57,000 preset wifi passwords to be harvested. This means that someone with access to this list could connect to the wifi network of a Talk Talk customer if they were physically close by. The Mirai worm also makes it possible to identify the location of the router. Someone else accessing your wifi network may not be any more dangerous than you using an open wifi connection in a coffee shop, but if you are a “high value” target, then it is not a good situation to be in.

The solution is very simple: Change your wifi password, this is definitely what Talk Talk should be telling their customers.

Given that Father Christmas is likely to be delivering some shiny new gadgets this December 24th, please take this advice:-
1) Change any default passwords
2) Change the password on any administrator account
This is especially important for devices connected to the internet – such as cameras that you can view on your Smartphone. Many of these cameras can be hijacked so others can also view the images or access your home network. Whilst many of these vulnerabilities may require the manufacturer to fix you can do your bit by changing the passwords and ensuring the firmware is up to date.

And finally...

      May we take this opportunity to wish you a
      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Please note that our offices are closed from the 19th December 2016 to 3rd January 2017.

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