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Monthly Program Highlights
October 2021 


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Extension Educator Highlights

Stephanie Plaster Agriculture Educator
  • A meeting with a beginning farm family, where enterprise options were discussed based on their goals and resources available. This effort is designed to explore what the family, land, and facilities could accommodate across various financial, risk, and management levels.
  • Development of a module on determining and defining a mission, vision, and values for farmers and agribusiness professionals. This effort was designed to encourage farmers to establish their values and use them to make decisions and craft their future.
  • Development of financial planning curriculum for farmers and agribusiness professionals. This effort was designed to increase financial decision-making capacity and reduce stress levels.
  • A worksheet for farmers and agribusiness professionals on SWOT analysis and strategy identification. This effort was designed to encourage farmers to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to identify strategies to improve farm viability and decrease stress.
  • Creation of a regional food system plan that will address concerns such as access to healthy food in areas with concentrations of people of color and low-income residents, developed in collaboration with the Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. The goal of this effort is to expand the relationships between the Region’s food producers, distributors, and consumers, as well as those farming the land and those concerned with preserving sensitive natural resources.
Human Development and Relationships

Carol Bralich Human Development & Relationships Educator
  • A series of e-mail communications for community partners where we provide information related to parenting, relationships, family caregiving, finances, and well-being so that they can share the latest resources with their clients. The purpose of this effort is to provide county residents with resources to improve parenting skills, support their family caregiving role, and access tools to improve their financial skills and their personal well-being.
  • An online financial self-study program, where participants learned financial capability skills about spending plans, credit, and paying bills on time. This effort is designed to improve the success of participants in maintaining timely payments so they have transportation to access employment and improve their credit score.
  • Development of financial planning curriculum for farmers and agribusiness professionals. This effort was designed to increase financial decision-making capacity and reduce stress levels.
  • A parent education and peer support virtual series for fathers and father figures where they learn about their unique contribution to parenting and strategies/skills. The goal of the series is to support the social and emotional learning of their children.
  • Planning for early learning professional development, with Registry credit, for child care providers. The goal of the workshops is to help early childhood professionals understand the importance of using trauma-informed care practices in their classrooms so they can better support and engage children in managing their emotions.
Postive Youth Development
Ron Jakubisin Positive Youth Development Educator
  • A monthly board meeting (“Germantown Youth Futures”) for Germantown key stakeholders where we collaboratively plan year-round positive youth activities that promote positive peer norms, AOD prevention messaging, and adult/youth connections.
  • A monthly coalition meeting (Elevate’s Heroin Task Force and Prevention Committee) where Extension provides guidance in outcome-based prevention strategies to this group of youth-serving organizations that make up the committee. The goal is to support them as they create year-round planning and promotion of AODA prevention strategies for youth.
  • A series of meetings with Germantown’s Youth Futures Youth Committee where students learn leadership skills in order to design, plan and deliver prevention activities to their middle and high school peers.
  • Planning for a Kindness Day Retreat for 4th-grade students in collaboration with Washington County Elementary School Counselors. The effort will engage youth in Social Emotional Learning strategies that they will use throughout the year with ‘kindness’ being a central theme at schools.
Community Development

Paul Roback Community Development Educator

Board members of the Wisconsin Association of Mobility Managers (WAMM) contacted Paul Roback to facilitate a strategic planning process that would engage the organization’s board of directors. After a pre-planning meeting with two board representatives, a three-month planning process was designed and facilitated.

At the first planning session, participants discussed updates to the organization’s mission and vision statements and identified organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. At a second session, participants brainstormed and prioritized goals. At a third session, participants developed action plans to accomplish goals. After the facilitated process, Paul developed a planning report and presented the highlights to 22 participants at a WAMM membership meeting.

As a result of the planning sessions, 100% of participants agreed that updating the mission statement helped clarify their role as an organization, 100% agreed that updating the vision statement assisted them in understanding the general direction for their organization’s future, and 89% agreed that the process of identifying goals increased their ability to identify issues and set priorities. 100% of participants agreed that discussing action plans increased their ability to identify their next steps for future implementation. Participants evaluated Paul’s facilitation as a 5.0 on a 5-point Likert Scale (1=poor and 5=excellent). One participant commented that “Paul is very helpful in this process. One of the best for a group our size.” Another commented that this “is the first time that I have been involved with strategic planning that I felt we actually accomplished something of value to the organization.”
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