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Monthly Program Highlights
September 2021 


Upcoming Events
Free Parenting Workshops
For Parents & Caregivers of Children 0-16 years - Registration Required
Wednesday Evenings, 6-7:30pm @ The Family Center of Washington County
2376 W. Washington Street, West Bend - (262) 338-9461
Extension Educator Highlights
Community Development

Paul Roback Community Development Educator

The Executive Director of the Hartford Area Development Corporation, a local nonprofit, contacted the Community Development Educator in early 2020 to facilitate a process that would update the organization’s strategic plan.  After a preplanning meeting, a process was designed and the board completed an online survey to provide feedback on the organization’s current mission statement, vision statement, and organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. The planning process was then paused for a year due to the pandemic. 

The process resumed in 2021 and the Community Development Educator facilitated a two-hour planning session with eleven board and staff members.  As a result of this session, 91% of participants agreed that updating the mission statement helped clarify their role as an organization, 100% agreed that updating the vision statement assisted them in understanding the general direction for their organization’s future, and 100% agreed that the process of identifying goals increased their ability to identify issues and set priorities. Participants evaluated the Educator’s facilitation as a 4.4 on a 5-point Likert Scale (1=poor and 5=excellent).  One participant commented “Good job keeping the meeting moving forward” and another commented, “Did well with a short window of time.”

At the end of the planning session, participants agreed to meet again to prioritize goals and develop action plans.  They indicated an ability to complete this task without additional facilitation from the Educator.  After the planning session, the Educator completed a draft plan with the materials developed during his involvement in the planning process.

Stephanie Plaster Agriculture Educator
  • A meeting with a beginning farm family, where enterprise options were discussed based on their goals and resources available. This effort is designed to explore what the family, land, and facilities could accommodate across various financial, risk, and management levels.    
  • A study to better understand beef x dairy cross cattle growth and performance when being fed to finish weight. This will help farmers make better management and marketing decisions, to increases profits.    
  • Development of a farm management newsletter for farmers and agribusiness professionals. This effort was designed to promote available Extension farm management resources and provide a timely and reliable source of farm management news and updates.    
  • Development of a module on determining and defining a mission, vision, and values for farmers and agribusiness professionals. This effort was designed to encourage farmers to establish their values and use them to make decisions and craft their future.    
  • Development of a series of worksheets on strategy identification and development. This effort aims to help farmers identify one issue to focus on so that they can improve decision-making, take action, and gain a sense of control.    
  • Development of financial planning curriculum for farmers and agribusiness professionals. This effort was designed to increase financial decision-making capacity and reduce stress levels.    
  • Creation of a regional food system plan that will address concerns such as access to healthy food in areas with concentrations of people of color and low-income residents, developed in collaboration with the Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. This effort aims to expand the relationships between the Region’s food producers, distributors, and consumers, as well as those farming the land and those concerned with preserving sensitive natural resources.
Human Development and Relationships

Carol Bralich Human Development & Relationships Educator
  • An online financial self-study program, where participants learned financial capability skills about spending plans, credit, and paying bills on time. This effort is designed to improve the success of participants in maintaining timely payments so they have transportation to access employment and improve their credit scores.    
  • A series of e-mail communications for community partners where we provide information related to parenting, relationships, family caregiving, finances, and well-being so that they can share the latest resources with their clients. The purpose of this effort is to provide county residents with resources to improve parenting skills, support their family caregiving role, and access tools to improve their financial skills and their personal well-being.    
  • Development of financial planning curriculum for farmers and agribusiness professionals. This effort was designed to increase financial decision-making capacity and reduce stress levels.    
  • A training for social workers, home visitors and community agency staff where they learn about financial competency skills. The goal of this effort is to build their knowledge and confidence when engaging clients in financial conversations.
Food Security

Kelly Hackett Nutrition Educator
  • Development and delivery of a presentation to a variety of Washington County community members and agencies to share county assessment data on nutrition, SNAP benefits, and demographic inequities to raise awareness of food security rates and nutrition-related community health strengths and opportunities.    
  • Planning for a regional food system committee for a seven-county area with local agency contacts and colleagues. The goal of this program is to provide public input opportunities to influence regional food system policy recommendations.    
  • A live radio address for adult listeners where they learned about FoodWIse programs and events and local county nutrition and health assessment data. This “community conversation” program aimed to educate the community about food insecurity and how people can become involved in food security solutions.    

Amy Mangan-Fischer 4-H Educator
  • A series of meetings where 4-H volunteers were empowered to coordinate their Leaders Association’s Achievement and Recognition Night. The goal of this is to empower 4-H volunteers to celebrate 4-H youth and coordinate countywide recreational events.    
  • A training for future 4-H volunteers where participants will learn about Extension, the expectations that Extension has for its volunteers, and the four pillars of 4-H (youth-adult partnerships, experiential learning, life skills, and the essential elements of positive youth development). This training is designed to prepare future volunteers for their volunteer position within Extension.    
  • A virtual session for adult and youth leaders where participants learned how to use the new 4-H Charter Application, a new tool that will simplify the chartering process. This effort was designed to support volunteers by providing an opportunity to learn how to use the new tool and process and ask county 4-H educators questions.    
Postive Youth Development
Ron Jakubisin Positive Youth Development Educator
  • A monthly board meeting (“Germantown Youth Futures”) for Germantown key stakeholders where we collaboratively plan year-round positive youth activities that promote positive peer norms, AOD prevention messaging, and adult/youth connections.    
  • A monthly coalition meeting (Elevate’s Heroin Task Force and Prevention Committee) where Extension provides guidance in outcome-based prevention strategies to this group of youth-serving organizations that make up the committee. The goal is to support them as they create year-round planning and promotion of AODA prevention strategies for youth.    
  • The final summer workshop where middle school-aged participants at Camp Super Hero learn about the stages of group development to increase their knowledge in positive communication, trust, and consensus-building.  Amy, 4-H Coordinator, co-led this session and also promoted the benefits of youth joining a 4-H club/project. 
  • The 3rd and final installment of leadership workshops for the high school-aged teen leaders of Camp Super Hero which teaches facilitation skills. The goal of the training is to prepare them for facilitating activities for middle school-aged camp participants throughout the summer.
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