April 2021

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In General

The 2021 Schedule is Available!

Program administrators, please check your email for the latest version of the 2021 MAYLA schedule. The email and attached schedule came from League Commissioner Robin Buckley.

Board Opportunities

As the season is fast approaching, perhaps you’re thinking about how you can get more involved with lacrosse in our area. If you might be interested in serving as a MAYLA board member, please send us an email. We would be happy to discuss current opportunities, benefits, and more.

105.7FM The Fan – Youth Sports Show

On his Youth Sports Show, Mike McGivern recently interviewed Jay Bitter (Marketing & Communications Director), Kevin Kane (Past President), and Robin Buckley (League Commissioner). This segment and may be helpful for interested parents and even new programs.

Find the recording,

For Parents

From The Aspen Institute

As the pandemic continues, many parents are trying to navigate on their own what this means for their child playing sports. While some questions are best answered by public health experts based on local conditions, there are guidelines and best practices that are very useful. The Aspen Institute's Project Play offers advice on key questions from parents and caregivers.

US Lacrosse Important Equipment Updates

Please note that there have been important equipment updates regarding:

  • Eyewear for girls lacrosse;

  • Goalie chest protectors; and

  • Shoulder pads for boys lacrosse.

Keep these updates in mind when thinking about new equipment purchases!

For Players

MAYLA includes camps, clinics, and other information in this section for informational purposes only. The information included in this section is not recommended or endorsed by MAYLA; it is merely intended to inform our subscribers. MAYLA makes no representations, warranties or claims of any kind about the events, services or information referenced in this section.

Lacrosse Drills & Workouts

Catching & Throwing a Lacrosse Ball // LAX 101
The Grid | with Matt Dunn

Also, check out the latest from …

True Lacrosse | Wisconsin

For Programs

Key MAYLA Dates

More dates are coming, but here's what we have so far:

League payments, certificates of insurance and emergency action plans, coach data are all past-due. Please provide that information if you haven’t yet.

As part of responsible risk management, if your required documents are not received prior the start of the season, assigned officials will be reassigned to different games until the documents are provided.

  • April 24-25: Opening Weekend​

  • May 9: Mother's Day — No Games Scheduled​

  • May 29-30: Memorial Day Weekend — No Games Scheduled​

  • June 12-13: Closing Weekend​

  • September 1: Membership Declarations Due​

  • September 30: MAYLA Annual Election​

Programs should also be in contact with their communities about field availability and possible restrictions and plan accordingly. Contingency plans are more important than ever.

Member Organization Standards & Best Practices for Programs

US Lacrosse, in collaboration with leading experts in the sports industry and the country’s most impactful member leagues, has developed standards that should be incorporated by youth lacrosse programs nationally. They are criterion for every league to measure progress and create a plan for continued success. These standards can be found here.

Additionally, the goal for each program, chapter or league should be to become an organization where diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of the values and culture of the program. Bringing together varied life experiences and perspectives adds significant value to your community and reinforces the concept of inclusivity.

Best practices and resources for working toward this goal can be found here.

Reminder: Registering Players

Please remember to review MAYLA’s policies as you start registering players. (You will find the policies in your Program Manual Guidelines; the 2021 version is available on the MAYLA website). No member club should register any player from outside of their school district boundaries.

If parents or guardians want to register their player(s) with your club but they do not live within your respective school district boundaries then you should refer them to League Commissioner Robin Buckley, who will provide direction as to which member club they should be joining.

Open-enrollment players must register in the club associated with the school district where they go to school.

If a parent lives in a school district that does not have a MAYLA member club, that parent should contact League Commissioner Robin Buckley.

If a parent lives in a school district that does not have a MAYLA club but that school district has a club from a different association, then they should be registering with the club associated with their school district.

MAYLA member clubs must not recruit players from outside of their school district boundaries.

If a family attends a parochial / private school, that family should register with the MAYLA member club that corresponds to the school district boundaries within in which their primary residence is located.

Earn your Nonprofit Leadership Certification

Being a nonprofit leader requires much more than a keen vision, engaging personality, and interest in making the world a better place. You must also understand and embrace the technical aspects of leadership, including conducting organizational assessments, improving your team’s effectiveness, and measuring the benefits of every decision. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, now is an ideal time to invest in professional development, benefiting both your organization and yourself.

The Nonprofit Leadership Certification program from NonprofitWebAdvisor is for professionals in the nonprofit sector and it will empower you to:

  • Take your organization to the next level

  • Navigate the uncertainties of 2021

  • Master the technical aspects of leadership

  • Accelerate your career

Learn more about their eight-part certification series here.

Contact Information

Many programs have had elections or otherwise changed leadership. If your program has experienced a change in its leadership, please contact Mary DiGiacomo or Emily Anderson with those names and email contacts so that we can be sure that everyone receives the information they should be.

COVID & Youth Sports — Additional Resources

US Lacrosse has put together a lot of thoughtful information regarding COVID and the Return to Play. Much of that information can be found here.

For additional information on COVID and youth sports, please check out this website from The Aspen Institute’s Project Play.

For Officials

Honoring the Game: The Official's Role in Creating a Positive Youth Sports Culture

60-Minute Online Course

The Positive Coaching Alliance ("PCA") is currently hosting an online interactive workshop that introduces the PCA's three main principles behind creating a positive youth sports culture for officials: Mastery (ELM); Never Too High, Never Too Low; and Honoring the Game.

The course is filled with powerful officiating tools, is based on the latest research from sports psychology, and reflects the "best practices" of elite officials across the country!

More information can be found

For Coaches

MAYLA includes camps, clinics, and other information in this section for informational purposes only. The information included in this section is not recommended or endorsed by MAYLA; it is merely intended to inform our subscribers. MAYLA makes no representations, warranties or claims of any kind about the events, services or information referenced in this section.

Coaches Development

US Lacrosse has opened registration to virtual Coaches Development Programs (CDPs) for Level-1 and Level-2. (Note: these will be live-streamed, so be sure to register soon and attend accordingly!) US Lacrosse is still working on organizing a CDP for Level-3.

For additional information and to register,
visit this site.

Background Screening

National background screening is now part of all adult coach membership purchases and renewals. US Lacrosse is absorbing the cost of the background check, with no change to the direct cost of membership for coaches. Learn more.

The University of Missouri’s Institute for Positive Coaching (MIPC)

Coaches are responsible for creating positive experiences for players. MAYLA is proud to announce that it is renewing its partnership with Dr. Rick McGuire and the University of Missouri’s Institute for Positive Coaching (MIPC). All previous MAYLA coaches and administrators have been enrolled. New MAYLA coaches and administrators will be enrolled soon; please provide accurate data so that MAYLA can facilitate. Learn more.

Focusing on Cultural Competency

This resource from US Lacrosse is designed to assist lacrosse organizations in further educating coaches, parents, and athletes about the impact of diversity and inclusion.

US Lacrosse Cultural Competency

Other Information

Your US Lacrosse Membership

Whether you're a player, parent, coach, administrator or fan, when joining, renewing or updating your registration information, remember to indicate your affiliations, including your program, league, or chapter. More information can be found here.

Resources for Athlete Development and Performance

A healthy diet and good eating habits are essential for a young athlete's development and performance. More Information can be found here.

MAYLA & AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets you enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile (, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price coming back to MAYLA as a charitable contribution!

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