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NEWSLETTER October 2020

Dear reader, 

A healthier population, better animal welfare, and less greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation,  hunger in the world, and animals slaughtered. This is what the TAPP Coalition has been working towards in 2020 by promoting a Fair Meat price in Europe and in the Netherlands, with considerable success as we now enjoy the support of 63% of the Dutch population and the Dutch Agriculture Minister. Last week the Dutch Agriculture Minister, Carola Schouten, even wrote a letter to the Dutch Parliament announcing she will make preparations for the implementation of a meat tax. The revenues of this tax will be used to support farmers to enhance animal welfare conditions and and prioritize sustainability measures, similar to what the German Agriculture Minister has decided to do as well.  In the recently launched Farm to Fork Strategy, the EU Commission also shared our message  that meat prices are too low and that tax incentives should be used to drive the transition to a sustainable food system. If a Fair Meat price, that incorporates all environmental costs, would be implemented across the EU, we would see a reduction of 120 Mton CO2 eq., more than all CO2-emissions of Denmark, Ireland, Slovakia and Estonia combined!

Support the European petition to make our food healthier, more sustainable and more affordable

The EU Commission’s new policy on food, the Farm to Fork Strategy  has a good foundation but there is an opportunity to make it more concrete and impactful. Therefore we need your help to convince EU ministers and the EU parliament to make products like meat (which negatively impact our health and environment) more expensive and healthy products like vegetables and fruit cheaper. So please sign this petition and share it with your friends and network! Thanks a lot! The petition was started by the TAPP Coalition, but it is   supported by many organizations across the  EU, including  environmental, youth and animal welfare organizations (like BirdLife Europe, Urgenda, and Feedback).

Sign our petition now: 
In this newsletter:
  1. What is the TAPP Coalition?
  2. Sign the European petition for a fair meat price goodfoodprice.euhealthy, sustainable and affordable
  3. TAPP Coalition activities in 2020
  4. Dutch and German Agriculture Ministers make progress on fair meat prices
  5. Beyond Meat new partner of the TAPP Coalition
  6. Former MEP Gerben Jan Gerbrandy chair of International Advisory Board TAPP Coalition
  7. Meat Overshoot Day 
1. What is the TAPP Coalition?
The True Animal Protein Price Coalition is an international organization in Amsterdam, supported by farmers, doctors, youth, food companies, and environmental and animal welfare organizations. We advocate for paying the 'real' price of food, incorporating the environmental, health and animal welfare costs, starting with meat and dairy. The TAPP Coalition strives for a food system with high-quality animal products and a low negative impact, by reducing and taxing this impact. Therefore, a fair and higher price is needed for meat and dairy. The revenues of a higher, fair meat price at EU level are at least 32 billion euros per year. This amount can be used for three things:
  1. Payments to farmers for sustainable agriculture, climate, nature and animal welfare initiatives
  2. Reduction of VAT or subsidies on vegetables, fruit, nuts, potatoes, plant-based meat
  3. Compensation of lower income groups for the higher price of meat.

Meet our international partners:


2. Sign the European petition for a fair meat price
Ministers in all EU member states and the EU parliament will decide on the EU Commission's proposal for new food policy in the coming months. This concerns the Farm to Fork Strategy, which Frans Timmermans announced on behalf of the EU Commission on 20 May. This Strategy wants meat to become more expensive and consumers to pay more for food with a large environmental footprint. Fruit and vegetables would be exempt from VAT. But many EU ministers and parliamentarians do not see it and the plan could be a lot better. Including fair pricing of food that has a huge impact on the environment and is the cause of many health problems.
So sign the petition now and share it on social media!
Click here to read the letter we have already sent to European ministers.


3. TAPP Coalition activities in 2020
This year has been full of exciting developments. It started in February when we presented our proposal for a fair meat price to a number of members of the European Parliament (including Bas Eickhout, Silwia Spurke, and Mohammed Chahim), and things have only accelerated since then. Check out the links below for more details on our activities.

What have we achieved in the past year? 4. Dutch and German Agriculture Ministers make progress on fair meat prices
On September 28, Minister Schouten (Dutch Minister of Agriculture) wrote to the House of Representatives that she is examining a proposal for a fair, higher meat price, the real meat price, including environmental costs. Tax revenues are intended, among other things, for livestock farmers. The proposal for an excise duty per kg meat is similar to the animal welfare meat tax proposed by the German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner last June (for more info click here). Jeroom Remmers, the director of TAPP Coalition, has been  invited by the German Agriculture State Secretary, Uwe Feiler, to discuss the meat tax proposals.


5. Beyond Meat new partner of the TAPP Coalition
We are very pleased to announce that  Beyond Meat is now a partner of the TAPP Coalition. This multinational is well known for making  delicious, plantbased products that can hardly be distinguished from meat. Their goal is that in a few years their plant-based products will be cheaper than meat, and theTAPP Coalition can help make this a reality. Visit Beyond Meat's website for more information.

6. Former MEP Gerben Jan Gerbrandy chair of International Advisory Board TAPP Coalition
As the reach of the TAPP Coalition continues to grow in Europe, the number of international partners is increasing. Therefore on the 8th of September we had the first meeting of the International Advisory Board of the TAPP Coalition,chaired by Gerben Jan Gerbrandy. Gerben Janserved as a Member of the European Parliament from 2009-2019 for D66, part of ALDE/RENEW (liberal party). 

7. Meat Overshoot Day 
By July 28, 2020, all European countries had exceeded the recommended annual consumption of meat (based on the EAT-Lancet report). 
The TAPP Coalition has named the day a country exceeds its recommended annual consumption of meat: Meat Overshoot Day. Reference the infographic below to see your country’s Meat Overshoot Day:   

Help us to be successful. 
We need your support to be able to continue with our efforts to implement the true price of meat and have cheaper vegetables, fruits and plant-based products. Please click here to make a donation. 
We are also open for new partners. Please send an email to or have a look at flyer for new partners for more info. 
Thank you for continuing to support our coalition. Stay up-to-date via our newsletter as well as social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Jeroom Remmers 
Director TAPP Coalition

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