The cheapest drysuits in North America: shipping schedule; free use and care guide

Quality, Features and Price (Pick Two)

Mythic Gear was recently discussed at length on the and West Coast Paddler forums. Many welcomed our announcement of the lowest drysuit prices in North America, but some seem to want it all: high quality, low price, AND full features. Even before we've shipped a single unit, we've been asked to add a half-dozen product enhancements. 

Every feature costs money. For some, the extra cost of one preferred feature might be worth it. But add them all up to satisfy everyone, and we'd satisfy no one. We don't think the world needs another supplier of $600-$1,000 drysuits.

So at this early stage, we'll stick to our unique mission: offer a good quality drysuit at the lowest price. We hope that suits your needs.

Store Your Drysuit Right

New video details proper storage techniques to prolong its life, preserve your investment

If you store your drysuit correctly, you'll maximize the life of the gaskets and protect the expensive zipper and breathable fabric from damage. Store it wrong and...well, the reverse. 

Rather read than watch? Download the script.

Free Drysuit Care and Use Guide

We just sent our Owner's Manual to the printer. We think it's a great guide to drysuit care and use, regardless of brand. So we reformatted it to fit on 8.5" x 11" paper, so that anyone can download and print it.
Download the owner's manual

A New Drysuit for Just $225?

You won't find a better deal anywhere. At just US$225, Mythic Gear's Sobek (left) is the lowest-priced breathable drysuit in North America. The Enki Relief (right), at US$325, is the lowest-price breathable suit with a relief zipper. Both are no-frills, good-quality suits to help keep you dry and safe when paddling in cold water. Place your order now.
Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you:; 530-350-MYTH (6984)

Delivery Update

The ship has arrived. We're now in Customs and on-schedule to begin shipping orders to customers Feb. 18. Please note: 
If you've placed an order: The timing could still slip a few days. We'll keep you up-to-date via email.
If you're waiting to place an order: Follow us on Facebook or Twitter (buttons above) for timely updates.
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