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December 2022

MsWas's Message Corner

November 9 of this year is a day that will live in infamy in the Was household, that is the day that I took that last doozy of a step and broke my foot. When your worldview decreases to a walker with tennis balls on the legs, you definitely can see a long road to recovery, and the things and people you are thankful for much more clearly. I want to thank Rochelle/Emmalita for working so hard to keep things running. I don’t know if she knew exactly what she was signing up for as VP of our little 501(c)(3), but she has risen to the challenge admirably, and we literally could not do this without her. 

If you’ve got some ideas for our next Read, or a little time in your hands between reviews, consider volunteering to help things keep on keeping on here. We are thankful for any help you can offer.

Here’s to a great year to come, traveling our bookshelves in 2023!

--Bonnie (aka "MsWas")

“There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.” - Irving Stone


Thank you to all the 2022 Quick Questions participants!

Y'all are always a hoot, and this year was no exception. Thank you to everyone who answered our often-nonsensical questions throughout CBR14, and all the commenters who weighed in to agree or disagree vociferously with book or food choices. If you'd like to nominate someone to A our Qs in 2023, let us know!

Best and Worst of CBR14

Check out everybody's best and worst lists of the year over on Pajiba!

Registration is Open


Join us for our 15th Cannonball Read in 2023! Feel free to share the link with any readers you think might be interested. We've got a lot of fun things planned for CBR15!


CBR Diversion: Year in Review

Artist: Isabelle Gedigk

Cannonball Read 14 comes to an end at Noon (eastern) on Saturday, December 31. With 10 days to go, now seems like a good time to wrap up your thoughts on how CBR14 went for you. Join us at the Diversion post to share!

#GivingTuesday: Many Thanks!


Thank you all for the generous donations this Giving Tuesday. Our Amazon Smile link has also been a hit - if you're holiday shopping online, don't forget to click through from our CBR portal!

Style Tip: Check Your Profile Info 


While you're signing up for CBR15 (you're signing up, right?), it's a good time to check your profile info. Go to the top right of the screen where it's telling you Howdy, and click Edit Profile.

If you have an author page, check your details. Particularly your preferred pronoun, so that we may refer to you as a reviewer as you prefer. You never know when we may call back to an older review of someone’s, and this field wasn’t something we asked in the beginning. Really long-time Cannonballers may not have that info filled in. 

Interested in Joining Our Team?

Do you have "volunteer for something" on your list for New Years resolutions? Do you have a particular set of skills you'd like to deploy in the name of reading and sticking it to cancer? Do you have no skills, but you want to see what fun we get up to in our CBR volunteer Slack channel? Then do we have the opportunity for you! We're always looking for additional folks to help with planning, social media, website stuff, graphic design, and a host of other duties that make this wonderful website work. If you'd like to join the volunteer crew, we'd love to have you!


This Month's Fan Mail

Books, cats, and author Fan Mail: these are a few of our favorite things! BlackRaven’s review of Carole Gerber‘s P is for Purr got a sweet comment from the author.

Let us know if you have anything to submit to our Fan Mail page. Don't forget to tag @cannonballread when you post on social media - it helps others find us, and helps us find you to include you on the page! 


Stuff We're Reading

A Wales of a Time: Jake's review of The Last Party

Dec 21, 2022 02:34 pm
When you have a reputation for loading your book with twists and turns, it can make for a less pleasant reading experience for the reader because their sense are heightened and they know all the tricks. Still, I was legitimately surprised at the way Clare Mackintosh’s The Last Party broke, both for the twist and for the reveal of the killer. The setup made me roll my eyes: two people who slept together on New Years Eve don’t realize the other is a cop and are assigned […]
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“All stories end the same way, don’t they.”: booktrovert's review of The Great Believers

Dec 21, 2022 02:12 pm
This book was heartbreaking and beautiful, just as you might assume a finalist for the National Book Award would be. It was an incredibly well written story about love and friendship, told across decades. One story line takes place starting in 1985, when a group of men – friends and lovers in Boystown in Chicago – are creating their own memorial service for their friend, Nico – the first death from AIDS that has hit this small community (but not, unfortunately, the last). The other […]
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So many books! – Book Exchange post Take Two

Dec 21, 2022 01:32 pm
Umm, so I posted some books, thinking they were from Book Exchange but they weren’t! These are my book exchange books! Umm, new Bujold, in hardback????? Yes please and thank you!!! I inhaled that one on a plane ride the other day. Will get to the other soon!  Yay!! and thanks again!
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Fish or fowl?: BlackRaven's review of The Cat, the Owl and the Fresh Fish

Dec 21, 2022 11:58 am
When reading the title I read, The Cat, the Owl and the Fresh Fish as “The Cat and Owl” making me think this was going to be an Owl and Pussycat remake. Was it going to be “modern” or keep to the classic format? Was it going to be long, short or…. Oh, wait it has this fish thing going on, too. Well maybe I will read then (I thought) as it is going to be different. It is not an Owl and Pussycat story. […]
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Cherry Covered Apron: Pooja's review of Behind the Scenes

Dec 21, 2022 11:19 am
When business consultant Rose is hired to help frazzled director Ash make her return in Hollywood, a romance begins to bloom between the pair – now if only they can manage not to get in their own ways! I was in the mood for a cute sapphic romance this winter season, and Behind the Scenes delivers in spades. Rose and Ash have excellent chemistry, and there are a pair of adorable, ever-hungry pugs, but what really sold me on this book was the humor. There’s […]
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