Welcome to the 8th edition of the EUniverCities Newsletter
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Edition 8

EUniverCities Newsletter

13 September 2016 

Welcome to the 8th edition of the EUniverCities Newsletter

At the end of the summer holidays we give you the latest updates about the EUniverCities Network.
In this edition you can read about what happened at our Parma meeting in June. You also get insight information about the upcoming Network Meeting in Tampere (Finland) from 1-4 November 2016. Furthermore, this newsletter contains information about upcoming (external) events and activities, like the High Level Event organized by EuroTech Universities and the European Week of Regions and Cities in which some of our network partners are actively involved.   

Enjoy reading this newsletter. We hope to see you soon! 


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7-10 June 2016
EUniverCities Network Meeting Parma

From 7 to 10 June 2016, Parma (Italy) hosted the EUniverCities Network meeting. Both the Municipality and the University of Parma (UNIPR) are working hard to make Parma a competitive city with an attractive university. For this reason, they are fostering their collaboration: they are working jointly on various projects, but a formal and coordinated joint promotion has not been defined yet.
In this meeting Parma wanted to discuss the coherence and the effectiveness of their projects on branding and whether a common branding strategy could be a goal that the City and the University of Parma should pursue.

On the first day of the meeting the communication and marketing strategy of UNIPR, the role of Parma as Unesco’s Creative City of Gastronomy, the branding strategy of the city, and the relation between the University and the territory with the Verdi Festival case, were presented. Also Dr. Andrea Lucarelli (Assistant Professor of the Marketing Section Unit of the Stockholm Business School and member of the Stockholm Program of Place Branding (STOPP)) spoke about place and city branding. He emphasized the importance of the relation with other stakeholders in the fields of tourism, urban planning, human geography, sociology, psychology, governance, international relations and design. In the afternoon, several network partners presented their strategies, problems and challenges on city branding, during interactive 'sharing experiences' sessions.

On the second day various urban regeneration projects were visited; Mastertown, Correggio’s Cloisters and the Old Hospital. They are Parma's attempts to be “a more balanced, a more attractive, a more sustainable, and a more inclusive city”.

The conclusions of the Peer review sessions were very helpful for Parma: to focus more on communication (to students, citizens and on an international level), to involve students in the life of the municipality (practice, essays, projects), to be proud of what Parma is and has, and to be an ambassador of food. And, at the same time: Parma’s focus should not just be on food. Because a great part of the city’s charm can be found in its heritage and its culture.
Overall Parma was very happy with the results of the meeting.

A Peer review report of the meeting will follow soon.
21 September 2016
EuroTech Universities' High Level Event: 'Opening up Science, Advancing Innovation' in Brussels

On 21 September the EuroTech Universities network organizes an interactive high-level panel debate on future directions for Open Science as well as their implications for EU policies and programmes, moderated by Jacki Davis. Title of the event is: 'Opening up Science, Advancing Innovation', and will take place at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels (Belgium).  

During this event there will be demonstrations and showcases of state-of-the-art solutions illustrating different dimensions of Open Science in practice. 

Addressing societal challenges requires new ambitious models of research and innovation that are increasingly collaborative, interdisciplinary and enabled by data and digital technologies. With Open Science and the interim evaluation of HORIZON 2020 high on the EU agenda, it is vital to ensure an adequate policy framework and sufficient long-term financial commitment for these models of research that will prepare the ground for the innovations of tomorrow.

Leading universities of science and technology provide the key institutional settings to structure new research communities that transcend disciplinary boundaries, resulting in innovative ICT-enabled collaborations between all technologies and disciplines, including social sciences and humanities. Enriched through strong links with industry and a culture of entrepreneurship, universities of science and technology play a crucial role in bridging research and the market.

More information can be found on the High Level Event website.

11 and 12 October 2016
In the EWRC (European Week of Regions and Cities) driving seat

Each year the EU Committee of the Regions and the European Commission organize a programme brimful of workshops, seminars and networking events during the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC).
Cities, regions, high education institutes, businesses, umbrella bodies and interest groups come together to listen to the latest developments in Europe on topics such as Next Economy, Smart Mobility, Energy Transition, Digitisation, Governance for Cooperation.

This year’s EWRC, formerly known as Open Days, sees several EUniverCities Network partners involved in two different workshops. The workshop ‘Knowledge Pearls: how can the City-University Nexus contribute to close the innovation gap?’ on 11 October combines insights and experiences from Linköping, Lublin and research by Willem van Winden. EUniverCities contributes alongside the Regional Studies Association and the Association of European Schools of Planning.
The second workshop, on 12 October, deals with entrepreneurship and business creation and is titled ‘Universities as learning hubs for entrepreneurial learning in cities’. Knowledge and good practices from Trondheim and Delft (University of Applied Sciences) will be presented. EuroTech Universities Alliance also contributes with a speaker.

The EWRC is a yearly event attended by over 5,000 people. If you are interested in participating you need to register before 26 September via this website

Looking forward to meeting you in Brussels next month!

1 - 4 November 2016
EUniverCities Network meeting in Tampere

The upcoming EUniverCities meeting will take place in Tampere, Finland. Theme of the meeting is 'Campus development - Integrated, Open and Innovative'. During the meeting we will discuss the importance of campus development and the state of play in Tampere. The city authorities and the universities counterparts are currently taking steps to merge universities which will have effects on how campuses will evolve. Also, the programme touches upon the city’s innovation policy as well as the role of regional development; campus development is related to these issues.

Following the successful try-out in Parma other EUniverCities partners will showcase own plans and experiences on campus development as a tool to actively learn from each other. And we will also hear more about the city’s innovation policy as well as the role of regional development.
More information will follow soon. 
EUniverCities subnetwork on Internationalization

The City of Magdeburg has taken the initiative to start up a subnetwork on Internationalization. Internationalization is a key challenge for medium-sized university cities in the battle for brains. They are facing challenges like: How to attract people (students, academics, other knowledge workers) from Europe, or even beyond. What are good practices and barriers? And related to that, cities face other issues as well, such as: how to integrate the different types of higher educated foreigners in the local labour market and the society? How to make them stay? What are the implications for urban services? To remain competitive, the key stakeholders in medium-sized university cities need a strategic approach and tackle all these issues in a coherent way. 

These specific challenges and issues will be discussed within this subnetwork during transnational meetings. Through discussion, exchange and inspiration sessions, university cities will improve their policies and develop a 'local internationalization action plan'. 
Several EUniverCities Network partners have already indicated they will join this subnetwork. Official kick-off of this project is planned to take place at the upcoming EUniverCities Network meeting in Tampere.

We will keep you up-to-date on the project through this newsletter. 
Article on the economic impact of higher education institutions

A study has been conducted in which data of 14,870 higher education institutions in 78 countries over six decades have been analyzed. Findings of the study a.o. are:
  • Universities have a positive impact on regional economic growth, worldwide.
  • Opening (new) universities has a positive impact not only in the “home” region but also in neighbouring areas.
  • Expansion of higher education systems around the world is likely to continue.
The complete article can be found here.
Articles on the same topic in German and in French.

Other literature related to city-university cooperation can be found on the EUniverCities Network website.
External organized and EUniverCities'
Calendar of events and activities 2016

21 september:
High Level Event: 'Opening up Science, Advancing Innovation', organized by EuroTech Universities in Brussels (Belgium)

10 - 13 October:
European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC), organized by the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission in Brussels (Belgium):  
  • 11 October (9:00-10:45h): Workshop 'Knowledge Pearls: how can the City-University Nexus contribute to close the innovation gap?' (Code UNIV11A08) 
  • 12 October (11:15-13:00h): Workshop 'Universities as launching hubs for entrepreneurial learning in cities' (Code 12A84)
1 - 4 November:  
EUniverCities Network meeting: 'Campus development: Integrated, Open and Innovative' in Tampere (Finland)

2 - 3 November:  
The Class Conference 2016: 'Learning Hubs: The Future of the University City', organized by The Class Conference 2020, in Vienna (Austria)

20 - 22 November:  
ACA Annual Conference: 'UniverCities. Higher education institutions and their habitat', organized by The Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) in Budapest (Hungary)
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