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The Nature Place Day Camp - The Dirt February
In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. 

Margaret Atwood

Spring Peepers

Walking up to the farm on a balmy evening in early May, the night is relatively quite. The only sound besides our feet on the earth is that of a few drops of water, leftover from rain earlier in the day, dripping from new leaves to the ground beneath them. But as we crest the hill, the farm house and cow pasture at the end of the lane ahead of us, we start to hear them, the raucous singers of spring. 'Peep...eep...PEEP!..Pee..Peep!'

We get closer, and this nighttime chorus becomes so loud we have to raise our voices in speaking to one another in order to hear ourselves talk. The marshy, wooded little pond next to the farm is a home for spring peepers, the tiniest of vernal vocalists emitting their proportionally LOUD mating calls, attracting froggy partners as well as us curious humans. 

Garbed with a good pair of boots, flashlights, and a sense of adventure, we'll be taking our annual pilgrimage to the citadel of springtime, the peeper pond next to Duryea Farm, on Saturday evening, May 3rd, beginning at 7:30 pm. This event is for children with their parents, as the night is dark, the path is brambly, and 'hunting' for spring peepers is an endeavor that requires care, patience, and helpful, watchful eyes. 

We'll meet in front of the lower school at Green Meadow, 307 Hungry Hollow Road, in Chestnut Ridge, NY to begin our adventure. 

Adventure into the wild with us on our Spring Peeper Hunt!


Ed's Corner


They're coming...

Sometimes it feels that opportunities for earth art present themselves everywhere. One of these moments will soon be on your lawn or at least somewhere close to your home. You just may go out one day soon, look down, and feel like you have run smack dab into a wall, a sea, an avalanche (you get the point) of yellow! You will see hundreds of golden dandelions just starting to grow, and without much of a stem yet. There will be so many that you won't feel guilty picking as many as you want. It might feel like you're holding hands-full of sunlight, or tiny, bite-sized suns. 


What to do with them: 

You can lay them on the lawn, next to and touching each other, and make a long, meandering yellow chain, or snake, or just a beautiful meandering line of yellow, over hill and dale and rocks. Watch what happens to your art over the next few days. 
Make a spiral with them, starting at the base of a tree and spiraling outward.
Rub them on a piece of white paper against a hard surface such as the sidewalk and see why they can be called 'yellow crayons'.
Wait to pick them until they have a long stem. Peel the stem into 3 or so long pieces, all still attached to the flower end. Dunk the stem pieces into water (submerge them) for a quick one or two second dunk, pull quickly out and hold them in front of you and just watch. If they could shout we would call what they are doing 'twist and shout'. Or better still, 'curl and shout'.


Click here for more delightful dandelion details

Food and Drink
Paul Tappenden let's us in on some pretty neat ways to use dandelions in our food and drink.


Click here to read about dandelion coffee, wine, flowers, and more

Weekly Themes

Announcing this summer's weekly themes!

Week 1: How do you Do?
Week 2: Wing It
Week 3: Place your Face in Space
Week 4: 29!
Week 5: Turnip the Beet
Week 6: Go with the Flow
Earth Day
Tomorrow is Earth Day. Being The Nature Place, we'd be quite remiss to not remind you of this.
Since it's inception in 1970, April 22nd is a day set aside to consider our planet: how it sustains us, its beauty and wonder, how we can help sustain it. After all, it is our only home.
So, make sure you go out to a nature place: a backyard, local park, even just look at the sky overhead. Say hello to the natural world. Breathe. And feel fortunate.

Upcoming Open Houses

  • Saturday, May 3rd
  • Sunday, May 18th
  • Sunday, June 1st

All open houses take place at the Green Meadow Waldorf School: 307 Hungry Hollow Road. Stop by anytime between 1-4pm.

Non-competitive and nature-oriented, The Nature Place allows children to be themselves, with their friends, in the great outdoors. Learn more at
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