Join us in sowing the seeds of Ancient Wisdom for our children and future generations.
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The World is calling us NOW.

Join us in sowing the seeds of Ancient Wisdom for our children and future generations.

As we listen to the Elders, we keep hearing the same thing—The world needs our help now! They speak of the prophecies. When water has become like gold. Food scarcity. Catastrophic weather. Enormous imbalance wrought by greed and disconnection from spirit, from source.

They challenge us to move differently while there is still time. They inspire us to deep reverence for sacred waters, Mother Earth, and a way of relating to one another that is life giving. They see divine in all of nature and call us to be in relationship with every living thing. All our relations.

We invite you to become a stakeholder in a vibrant future shaped by this vision —a future for your children and grandchildren that you will have helped shape by your commitment and passion.

This is the time to be ALL IN.

Aleut Elder, Larry Merculieff, 2012 Ancient Wisdom Rising presenter, teaches about this time in which “we have reversed the laws for living.” See Larry’s TEDx Talk here.

Ancient Wisdom offers a pathway to remedy this reversal. In fact, the wisdom of the past IS the seed of the future. Help us plant these seeds today.

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Tarcila Rivera Zea

2014 Wisdom Fellowship Award

Sacred Fire Foundation's Wisdom Fellowship Award will be presented to Tarcila Rivera Zea at the prestigious 25th annual International Funders for Indigenous Peoples Gala Award Ceremony in Brooklyn on September 24th, 2014.

Watch Tarcila's interesting story below.

Your dollars at work around the globe

We are thrilled to announce our 2014 Spring Cycle Grant recipients:

A bold approach to reverse the tide of Westernization for Guatemalan youth. A new university teaching the sacred ceremonies and ancestral traditions while holding classes in cornfields, sacred caves, next to rivers or in lodges.

Creating a groundbreaking elementary school immersion curriculum with elders to ensure linguistic authenticity. Fluency has plummeted to 10% on the Pine Ridge Reservation. It is said that when a language dies out, the people die with it.

Our Grandfather’s Boat, this year’s camp theme, joins youth, elders and community leaders to strengthen their traditions and stewardship of their sacred waterways.

The language of the Wampanoag Tribal Nation was literally decimated by colonization…until the ancestors appeared in a dream to Jessie Little Doe a few years ago and proclaimed that is was time to bring it back. Imagine what it would be like to say: “Now I can pray in my language.”

This is the second year that the Sacred Fire Foundation has been asked to fund the Arhuacos, Wiwas, Kogis and Kankuamos Black Line Journey to 54 sacred sites in Colombia. This pilgrimage affects the entire world in ways that may be difficult for those of us steeped in Western culture to comprehend. What a profound opportunity to bring healing to Grandmother Ocean, Mother Earth, the trees, plants and animals, and our human brothers and sisters in a way that indigenous leaders worldwide say is imperative if we are to turn around the destructive cycle we’re in.

We need your help in funding highly impactful projects like these. Please help us reach our $200,000 Annual Campaign goal by donating today!

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