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*IN THIS ISSUE:  April 2021 

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Army Soldier For Life
AF After Burner



OPENING REMARKS: Last month I expressed the hope that our chapter was slowly coming out of hibernation. I don’t need to tell you that it’s been a long, long year. But every day there are reports of vaccines being delivered in increased numbers and in shots given, and hopefully this trend will be continuing upward at the time you read this. 

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Notes from the Membership’s Log, April 2021

 The Chapter received $75 from MOAA for the number of new members we had join last year.  I send an invitation email or letter to join our Chapter every other month to individuals provided on a list from MOAA.  You can help me out by also inviting individuals you know that aren’t already members.  Membership forms can be downloaded from our website or your friend can be directed there to do an online form.
There are still 47 individuals who have yet to renew their dues & they will be receiving phone calls sometime within the next couple of weeks from other Chapter members. Please help make our voice be LOUDER on those ZOOM calls!
NOTICE:  All those 2020 members who have not renewed by April 15th (an easy date to remember, right?) will no longer be receiving the CONNECT newsletter after that date until their dues have been paid.  Sorry, but dues help pay for publication of the newsletter.  Hate to see you miss out on all that great information!
I passed a milestone the end of March.  I got older, which my granddaughter says I am allowed to say.  I cannot say that I am old.  My granddaughter explained it this way, “Yiayia, you’re only getting older because you are only old when you are dead.”  I guess that makes perfect sense, so I’ll only be older from now on, never old until I go to meet my maker. 
I hope you all have a very Happy Easter on the April 4th! 
Stay home, stay safe, wear a mask, & get the vaccine when you can!

Continually serving,
Nancy F. Rey LCDR  US Navy (Ret)
Membership VP
Life MOAA Member


April 2021

There are two legislative alerts on the MOAA website at  The first one is entitled “Urge your legislators to support concurrent receipt”.  I would encourage everyone to go to the following site and take action by contacting Congress using the drafted message.  Here is more information on this alert:  “Contact your representative and senators and urge them to support The Major Richard Star Act, which would provide concurrent receipt for servicemembers unable to complete 20 years of service due to combat-related injuries. Help ensure these men and women get their full service-earned retirement, as well as their disability compensation from the VA.”  The second one is entitled “Support Health Care for Children of Disabled Veterans or Veterans Who Have Died Due to a Service-Connected Disability”.  Here is more information on this alert: “Did you know many adult children of veterans who are disabled or who died from a service-connected disability lose access to their parent’s health well before the age of 26?”  From the take action page, you have to enter your zip code and then it will take you to the draft correspondence.  Enter your name, address, and POC information and follow the simple directions to send the correspondence.  The entire process takes about two minutes.
   There is one key bill that MOAA is supporting listed at  It is Federal S 344 which is a “bill to amend title 10, United States Code, to provide for concurrent receipt of veterans' disability compensation and retirement pay for disability retirees with fewer than 20 years of service and a combat-related disability, and for other purposes.”  This is a great list if you're interested in learning more about the bills.  You can click on the name of the bill and learn more about it.  If you have any questions, please contact Jen Travers at

CWO Craig Harris and his wife donated 4 boxes of Girl scout cookies to me. Thin Mints, Trefoils, Samosa, and Tagalongs will soon be going out to deployed service personnel. Craig and his wife have donated cookies for over several years, and I am so thankful for their generosity. In February, a box filled with snacks was sent to CPT Beck a Marine in Iraq.  By March 15th, I will be receiving a new list of names. Postage has gone up to $20.40. The news talks about military personnel being withdrawn from certain areas.  However, we know that there will always be deployed service personnel away from their loved ones.  Our project will continue.  Thank you for your support.   Dorothy Williams,

ROTC Update – April, 2021

The MOAA Central Ohio Chapter Foundation Board of Directors says “Thank You” to each of our MOAA COC Chapter Members, Friends and Businesses for their financial support this past year to our MOAA COC Foundation ROTC Scholarship Campaign. Because of your financial support our Foundation will be able to provide financial assistance to an outstanding Cadet or Midshipmen at each of the ROTC Units at Capital University, Ohio University and The Ohio State University during each ROTC Unit’s Spring Awards Ceremony. In total six Scholarship Awards will be presented to these “Future Leaders”.

In addition to the financial assistance our ROTC Scholarship Award provides to a Cadet or Midshipmen each recipient receives the MOAA Medal of Excellence and a Certificate for Leadership. The recipients are chosen by each respective Professor of Aerospace Studies, Professor of Military Science and Professor of Naval Science based on the Cadet’s or Midshipmen’s exemplary performance and Leadership in the Classroom and during Training Opportunities. 
The presentation of a check to the selected Cadet or Midshipmen from the MOAA Central Ohio Chapter Foundation occurs during each Universities’ ROTC Spring Awards Ceremony. Due to State of Ohio and University COVID-19 requirements representatives from the MOAA COC Foundation will not be able to attend the actual Award Ceremonies this year.  In this case the Awardee’s Check, MOAA Medal for Excellence and Certificate for Leadership will be forwarded to the selected Cadet or Midshipmen’s ROTC Unit for presentation.

Our MOAA COC Foundation ROTC Scholarship Campaign continues. Please continue to consider a donation to the MOAA Central Ohio Chapter Foundation ROTC Scholarship Fundraising Campaign for the 2021-2022 school year. If you are able to please write a check to MOAA-COC-Foundation and mail the check to P.O. Box 361632, Columbus, Ohio 43236-1632 or go to to use your credit or PayPal. Please indicate “ROTC Scholarship” on the check memo.

Thank you for your consideration and for assisting a “Future Leader”.
A little History

Recently, I came across an old booklet published by The Retired Officers Club of Central Ohio in 1983. I found it quite interesting and thought I would share. What follows is the first section. Let me know if you would like to see more. Thanks. Walter Rey editor.  

As 1983 dawns upon a world wracked by conflicts between nations and races and scourged by economic stress, The Retired Officers Club of Central Ohio moves into its third decade of comradeship and dedicated concern for the strength, welfare and progress of our country. As when, in 1953, a small group of retirees distinguished for service in both World Wars organized themselves to exchange views on vital problems and to consider what they might contribute to solutions, now over 200 men and women, who ably and proudly bore responsibilities in two World Wars, Korea and Viet Nam, continue to gather in social fellowship not only for nostalgic reminiscences of shared experiences, but also to discuss and act upon pertinent and important issues.

Few of the originals survive. They were: MGen Carlos Brewer, RAdm Joseph M. Worthington, BGen Neal A. Harper, Cols Thomas L. Ferenbacugh, Seth C. Dildine, Elmer J. Armstrong, Edward M. Taylor, Samuel J. Randall, Stanford S. Speaks and Howard E. Boucher; LCol Cary A. Hudson, Joseph O. Dillinger; Maj Don Branson; Lt Douglas E. Doolittle and CWO Eldon Brown. Cols Dildine and Ferenbaugh raised the concept of forming a group; Col Randall and Lt Doolittle kept minutes of the first informal meetings.
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By now, retirees in TRICARE Select or the TRICARE Select Overseas Program should be paying the new TRICARE Select premium of $12.50 a month for individuals or $25 a month for couples/families. This new premium applies to all Group A retirees, which includes everyone serving prior to 2018.



The VA Wants You! Here's How to Join an Upcoming Listening Session

Over the next four months, the VA will host virtual listening sessions with veterans across the country on how the agency can improve services as it develops a health care system to meet veterans’ needs over the next 25 years.




Military retirees and family members renewing or getting their first military identification cards this year are nearly guaranteed to receive the Next Generation Uniform Services Identification, or USID, Card, the first update to Defense Department IDs for non-active duty beneficiaries in nearly 30 years.


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