May 2021
Congratulations to all REECAS students in the Class of 2021!
A round of applause to the spring 2021 MA recipients in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies (REECAS): Maria Vishnevsky, Jacob Aehl, and Katka Showers-Curtis, who presented their research to family, peers, and CREECA faculty members at a special May 10 event, “A Celebration of Graduate Student Research" (pictured above).

The presentations were respectively titled: “Exploring the Far North: Variations in Gender Representation Across Russia’s Regions” (Vishnevsky), “Attitudes towards China and Russia in Kazakhstan” (Aehl), and “Symbolic Revalorization in Slovak Language Ideologies: Prestige, Kinship, and Stereotypes” (Showers-Curtis).

CREECA also congratulates three undergraduates earning a certificate in REECAS this May and August: Aleksandra Grulkowski, Nicholas North, and Grace Feltner.

Featured Story

One year ago, CREECA had no choice but to postpone a K-14 educator workshop on cyber warfare and accelerated global change—a topic that has increased in significance as our reliance on networks and videoconferencing has grown exponentially. But it was thanks to these technologies that CREECA, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, and European Studies put this workshop back on the calendars of Wisconsin educators.

In March 2021, educators gathered virtually for “Cyber Capabilities and Accelerating Global Change,” a timely professional development opportunity that equipped participants with the tools and context necessary to discuss cyber events and issues with students on personal, national, and global levels.
Find out what educators learned from field experts here.

CREECA Community Members on Language Learning

UW-Madison Russian Flagship assistant director Laura Marshall was a featured guest on UW Languages Live! – a monthly Instagram program on language learning and personal and professional development. In the March episode on “Language and Identity,” UW-Madison’s International Directors Advisor Kaitlin Koehler interviewed Marshall, who shared her story with learning Russian, views on transferable skills that come from language study, advice for integrating the target language into a career path, and thoughts on keeping up with language skills beyond the classroom. Listen to the entire interview and follow UW Languages on Instagram here.

PhD candidate Kramer Gillin (UW-Madison Geography Department) was an invited panelist at the March 2021 Language Learning Showcase hosted by the International and Foreign Language Education Office in the US Department of Education. Gillin received a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship for Dari/Tajik in 2010 and three additional FLAS fellowships since then. As a panelist, Gillin shared how his language learning journey began after having lived in Tajikistan for some time, how he has used language skills to conduct research, and how he has developed his multilingualism through the life-long friendships he has built. His research focuses on land tenure and environmental governance with an emphasis on pastoralism in Central Asia. The recording of the discussion is available to stream here.

Community Updates
Chad Gibbs (PhD candidate, History) wrote an opinion piece for Newsweek, Advice about the end of the pandemic, from a combat veteran. 

Congratulations to CREECA’s outgoing events coordinator, Veronica Hayes, who graduated this May with majors in English and Political Science.  If you attended a CREECA lecture on Zoom, listened to the CREECA podcast, read the weekly events e-newsletter, or consulted our website, you likely encountered her excellent work behind the scenes. Thank you, Veronica!

Alyssa Dinega Gillespie (PhD, Slavic) published a new book, Pushkin's Poetic Imagination (Academic Studies Press). Gillespie is an Associate Professor of Russian at Bowdoin College. 

A new article from Madina Djuraeva (PhD, Curriculum & Instruction) titled “Multilingualism, nation branding, and the ownership of English in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan” appears in World Englishes.

Adeeb Khalid’s (PhD, History) new book will be published on May 18 by Princeton University Press: Central Asia: A New History from the Imperial Conquests to the Present. Khalid is Professor of Asian Studies and History at Carleton College. 

Cecilia King (MA, REECAS) has passed her PhD-qualifying examinations at the University of Kansas. She is an ACTFL superior Russian speaker and future scholar of 19th c. Russian literature. 

José Vergara (PhD, Slavic) will begin a new position as Assistant Professor of Russian at Bryn Mawr College in fall 2021. His first book, All Future Plunges to the Past: James Joyce in Russian Literature, is forthcoming in October through Cornell University Press. In collaboration with students, he recently published two interviews with writers
Alisa Ganieva and Evgeny Vodolazkin. 

Listen to Nicholas Seay’s (MA, REECAS) interview with Dr. Alexander Morrison about his new book, The Russian Conquest of Central Asia: A Study in Imperial Expansion, 1814–1914 (Cambridge University Press, 2020). Seay is currently a PhD student at Ohio State University. 

Faculty and Academic Staff
Elise Ahn (International Projects Office) has co-edited a special issue of World Englishes on Central Asian Englishes. For the issue, she co-authored “English language choice in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan” with Juldyz Smagulova. 

The spring 2021 issue of the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science magazine includes a piece on Kathryn Ciancia (History) titled "Civilizing influence," in which she explores how “civilization” has been used to include and exclude certain groups.

Congratulations to Karen Evans-Romaine (GNS+), recipient of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL) award for Outstanding Contributions to the Profession. Learn more about Evans-Romaine's distinction here 

A new article from Emeritus Professor Halina Filipowicz (GNS+) titled “Rough notations? The puzzle of Janusz Korczak’s Ghetto Journal appears in the latest issue of The Polish Review. 

Ted Gerber, Conway-Bascom Professor of Sociology and CREECA director, has published a new article, co-authored with Marina Zaloznaya, who received her MA in Sociology at UW-Madison. “Social issues in contemporary Russia: Women's rights, corruption, and immigration through three sociological lenses” appears in Annual Review of Sociology.

Maksim Hanukai’s (GNS+) latest article, Resurrection by surrogation: Spectral performance in Putin's Russia, was published in Slavic Review 

Kathryn Hendley (Law School) published Rethinking the role of personal connections in the Russian labor market: Getting a job as a law graduate in Russia” in Post-Soviet Affairs.  

Andy Spencer, UW-Madison bibliographer for Slavic, East European, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern Studies, reports that the Center for Research Libraries and East View have released open access Imperial Russian newspapers, with the specific newspapers found here

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