Open Science Newsletter - Special edition on Plan S 
Special edition on Plan S
Plan S is an initiative for open access publishing supported by an international consortium of research funders.

As of 1 January 2021, participating funders will begin implementing Plan S. This newsletter provides an overview of need-to-know information about Plan S for UG and UMCG researchers and research support staff.
What does Plan S mean for researchers? 
As of 2021, scholarly publications resulting from grants funded by participating funders must be published in open access journals, platforms or repositories without embargo and with an open license.
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Plan S in the Netherlands 
In the Netherlands, Plan S concerns publications funded by NWO and ZonMw for grant calls issued after 1 January 2021. NWO recently announced its new Plan S compliant open access policy which applies to peer-reviewed articles (including review papers and conference papers) and books. 

Three routes to Plan S compliance: 
  • Publication in an open access journal or platform registered in DOAJ
  • Publication in a subscription journal and simultaneous archiving of at least the author’s version in a registered open access repository; 
  • Publication in a journal under a VSNU transformative agreement or in a transformative journal approved by cOAlition S.
Did you know that ...

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Which journals are compliant with Plan S?
The Journal Checker Tool allows authors to easily check whether a journal is compliant with Plan S. Simply select the journal of your choice, your funder and your institution to see whether the journal is compliant and which publication options are available to you. 

Please note that the Journal Checker is still in beta version; not all VSNU and UG/UMCG-specific publisher agreements have accurately been included yet. We are working hard to ensure that the correct information is processed in the Journal Checker Tool as soon as possible. 
Plan S and open licenses 
To be compliant with Plan S, publications must be published under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. As secondary alternatives, CC BY-SA and CC 0 are also accepted. Exceptionally, authors can request to use a CC BY-ND (Non Derivatives) license, but this needs to be first agreed with the funder. 
Publish in a journal of choice while remaining fully compliant: How?
cOAlition S has developed a Rights Retention Strategy to give researchers the freedom to publish in their journal of choice, including subscription journals, whilst remaining fully compliant with Plan S. This is achieved by changing grant conditions to require that a CC BY license is applied to all Author Accepted Manuscripts or Versions of Record (Publisher’s versions), which enables the immediate deposition of the publications in an open access repository.
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This newsletter provides an overview of need-to-know information about Plan S for UG and UMCG researchers and research support staff. Please send your questions, comments and feedback to