Open Science Newsletter, February 2022
Special edition on Open Science Programme
Special edition on Open Science Programme
The University of Groningen has recently launched an Open Science Programme. Over the course of two years (2021-2023), the programme aims to stimulate open science and make it an integral part of the UG’s research and education culture.
This newsletter provides information about the programme and its planned activities.
Programme leader Vera Heininga introduces the UG Open Science Programme.
"Open science is crucial for scientific research and promotes collaboration. Not only because it makes access to research findings and data easier, but also because it provides the opportunity to verify findings and to reuse data."

Cisca Wijmenga, Rector University of Groningen
The Open Science Programme consists of the pillars Open access, FAIR data & software, Open education, and Public engagement. The Communication pillar will support the entire programme. Read more about the ambitions and goals: 
Open access
This pillar will strengthen the UG/UMCG open access support services. A new open access book fund and a diamond open access fund will provide additional support for open access publishing. Researchers will receive improved assistance to comply with funders’ open access requirements.
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FAIR data & software
Data specialists will create guides for researchers on FAIR principles and the pseudonymization of research data, for example, and will highlight best practices, facilitate data sharing and preregistration, and in doing so, stimulate data-related open science practices.
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"The UG Open Science Programme will bring UG scientists closer to the essence of science than ever before: making knowledge available to the public!"

Lorenzo Squintani, Open Science ambassador Faculty of Law
Open education
Education specialists will encourage UG academics to make the transition from traditional methods to open education. They will support lecturers in reusing and creating innovative and learner-centred open educational resources and will provide guidance in adopting open educational practices.
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Public engagement 
Public engagement specialists from Studium Generale, the Science Shops, the UB, and the UMCG will initiate a public engagement community and develop trainings for researchers and the public (e.g. on citizen science) to stimulate academia to become more open, inclusive, and participatory in its knowledge creation.
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"The Open Science Programme (OSP) brings together different domains (open acces and education, preregistration, data sharing, public engagement) and truly represents the open university to me. I'm proud to be a part of it and excited to see what the next years will bring."

Tina Kretschmer, steering group member OSP
Coming soon: open science survey
In early 2022 we'll issue an open science survey aimed at UG academic staff. The survey will ask about their knowledge, adoption and attitude toward open science. The aim is to collect input to develop tailor-made information for faculties and to gain insights into the status quo of open science at the UG. 
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