Open Science Newsletter - Special Edition UG open access procedural regulations
UG open access procedural regulations
As from 1 May 2021, the publisher’s versions of all short works (articles and book chapters) by UG/UMCG staff that have not been published in open access will be made open access via Pure six months after publication, with reference to the original publication source. This is made possible thanks to Article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act (also known as Taverne amendment), which grants Dutch-affiliated researchers the right to make their short academic works openly accessible to the public for free after a short embargo period. To facilitate the implementation of the Taverne amendment, the UG established new open access procedural regulations.
Please note that the UG and the UMCG are employing slightly different procedures. The information in this newsletter is relevant for UG staff. A separate newsletter was sent to UMCG staff about implementation at the UMCG. 
How will the regulations be implemented?
Researchers don’t have to do anything themselves. The University of Groningen Library (UB) will take care of opening up all qualifying publications via Pure.
Legal support
Should you receive a copyright infringement notice from a publisher, please contact us at As your employer, the UG guarantees to cover any potential costs in case of a legal dispute. 
Opt out
In case you have compelling reasons not to share one or more of your publications, you may request an opt-out from the regulations. 
> Request an opt-out
National approach to boost open access
The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has agreed to roll out the Taverne amendment nationally. All Dutch universities will make qualifying short works openly available in their repositories. The implementation procedure may vary per university. 
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This newsletter provides an overview of need-to-know information about the UG open access procedural regulations. Please send your questions, comments and feedback to