Jump to Job! 2nd Newsletter
Jump to Job!
Jump to Job! is an Erasmus + funded project coordinated by EPR in partnership with other six organisations including EPR members GTB (Belgium), Theotokos Foundation (Greece), Fundación INTRAS (Spain), URI (Slovenia), and the University of Leuven Limburg, (UCLL, Belgium) and LYK – Z (Norway).  

What is Jump to Job! about?
This project focuses on training peers and job coaches for young people with disabilities.   
What are our Objectives?
Jump to Job! main purpose is to increase employment among young people with disabilities (YPWD).
Other objectives of our project are:
>> YPWD are more self-confident and have a more proactive approach to job search.
>> Job coaches and YPWD have a stronger, more fruitful relationship, supporting real job inclusion.
>> Companies are able to adapt their environment and work process to create sustainable jobs for YPWD.
>> Job coaches’ training is effective and takes into account clients’ inputs and insights and is co-produced with YPWD.
JUMP TO JOB Training - GTB (Belgium)
GTB has adapted the basic method of FROG, with the help of the Norwegian partner Lyk-Z, to an online version due to the Covid pandemic. This online version has been tested on 6 young people with the general conclusion that starting with online sessions from the outset is by no means self-evident. The next try-out will certainly have an "in person" start. This new try-out is foreseen in June or September depending on the reopening of our premises to be able to offer group sessions. The trainers are very positive about the training method and the exercises created.

Which young people do we search?

•    Young people between 17 and 29 years old who are looking for the next step in their life, towards work.
•    Would find it valuable to have the supporters of the group.
•    Young people who currently have no active addiction problem or who have acute or very serious psychological difficulties.
•    Young people who can follow the training via Teams (of course we help where necessary)

The experienced trainers of GTB: 
Jana Van Put – Valérie Swinnen – Ilse Nolmans – Nele Hulselmans – Loïc D’Haenens (peer expert).
JUMP TO JOB Training - Theotokos Foundation (Greece)
After the training at Valladolid, the Greek Team implemented the pilots at Theotokos’ trainers and trainees in 3 groups: 4 trainers and 8 trainees (divided into 2 groups according to Covid protection protocols) participated in a 3-day training program each.  The 3-day training plan was provided by the Norwegian organization #Lyk-Z and was based on the #Frog methodology. During the training, participants had the opportunity to know better and trust each other, to discover and share their dreams, to discover their strengths and values, to set life goals, and to believe that they have the power to make decisions for their life. Trainers and trainees were very committed and supportive during the training. They were on time, very focused did not ask for extra breaks, and encouraged each other.

JUMP TO JOB Training - Fundacion INTRAS (Spain)
In the first week of May 2021  the second pilot training of the #JUMPTOJOB project was concluded. The training has been delivered to 4 young people using the FROG methodology, designed by the Norwegians LYK-Z. Organized in small groups, due to the restrictions of the pandemic, these young people have been rediscovering their identity their dream, their skills and interests, developing self-leadership and emotional growth. All this with the aim of designing their own work projects. Through creative and interactive workshops, these young people have discovered their abilities and learned to trust themselves, being the main aim to empower vulnerable youth to make their own decisions about their future.

JUMP TO JOB Training - URI (Slovenia)

In December 2020, URI used the acquired competencies and methods of work and conducted them in training with 12 rehabilitators and 4 employees/job coaches in URI, Center for Vocational Rehabilitation Maribor. URI successfully implemented trainings, that were slightly different than planned, as they were forced to divide people into several groups due to Covid19 and health security, so that the groups were smaller, they had to ensure spatial adequacy and follow all other safety recommendations.  The trainings were adjusted to 4 days of 6 hours a day so that the load and intensity would not be too great. Through trainings, job coaches and rehabilitators discovered their own competencies, personality traits, defined life goals, desires and dreams, evaluated and prioritized key goals and defined ways to achieve them and determined the impact we have on the environment in which we live. The feedback was very positive. The rehabilitators described increased motivation, a more positive mindset, greater confidence in themselves, and a focus on achieving their life goals. They found a clear structure of steps to their highest goal in life.
Jump to Job! Poster
Have a look at our Project's Poster to have a clear idea of who we are, what are our objectives and what will be the outcomes of Jump to Job!
Forthcoming project events
Second Training Event, Greece

The second Jump to Job training will be held in Greece from 4th to 7th October 2021.
The exact location is still to be defined.
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