VOLUME 2 ISSUE 8                                                                                                                AUGUST 2022
Powered by the recently revamped Tubie 3 cylinder as the light engine, Kwyet Sphere has a subtle omni-directional illumination for fully lighting the fixture’s acoustic fins. This volumetric light distribution delivers soft, general illumination at up to 105 lumens per watt.
Visually stimulating and housed within an unconventional silicone lens, PureEdge's Flexible Saber Line is Tension hung offering flexible installation and conceptual yet functional design. The SCS8 bends Up and Down giving it the unique ability to traverse open spaces wall to wall, wall to ceiling, or floor to ceiling. The 0.75" wide round lens, offers superior color quality and performance while creating uniform illumination without pixelation.
Hidden inside of an elegant form is a beautiful soft glow of LED illumination that encircles a surprising hollow core. Aperture is available in three formats, small, large and extra-large.
Create a sanctuary with a groundbreaking fan system incorporating Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light. Using a patent-pending system, which combines a UV-C LED ring with a powerful fan, the Ultra Smart Fan can decrease the concentration of SARS-CoV-2 virus, in the breathable air space.*
The LUCERA range was developed to provide an extremely flexible solution for illumination of modern urban spaces that can flow through exterior environments providing illumination for safety, efficiency, and versatility. The LUCERA range is a fully customizable modular system in height, optical distribution, and adjustability. 
TUNNEL revives the classic functional form into a charming new style with an incurved enhancement. With this design flair comes great functionality. TUNNEL exceeds the typical levels of output and efficacy, and delivers on specification capabilities. Alternatives are provided for nearly every component, allowing designers to configure a luminaire designed precisely to the needs of the space.
The DINA-DR1 lighting controller from Nicolaudie has been updated to output ArtNet or sACN universes through its RJ45 connector to double its channels capacity - up to 12 eDMX universes! The feature is still in beta but is currently available upon request.

Combine Nicolaudie's LDI award-winning touch panel, the NATOUCH-1, and you've got a DMX duo for even the most demanding projects. This wall-mounted touch panel provides streamlined access to all programmed lighting scenes.

Features include:
  • Powerful DMX control with up to 12 universes (eDMX and DINA-DR1)
  • Advanced triggering and integration possibilities (UDP, ports, time/calendar, RS232)
  • Nicolaudie Cloud-ready
  • Ethernet RJ45 connection
  • Programmable with ESA Pro 2 software
The nLight NIO PC KIT is an outdoor photocontrol solution that is compatible with any nLight network. The kit includes a weatherproof outdoor photocell and a specialized interface device called the nIO NLI. This low input device sends a toggle signal to relays within a local zone over the nLight network, The nIO NLI is also capable of initiating a series of modes whenever it detects a change to the photocontrol's state: WallPod mode, which turns relays on/off within its zone; Local Scene mode, which initiates a scene to run on its local zone; and Remote Scene mode, which requests the Eclypse to run a system profile on non-local devices or zones. Remotely configurable and push-button programmable, the NIO PC KIT fits right in among the other nLight devices on your network.
Do you like your lighting knowledge delivered to you in two minutes or less? 16500's own Ashley Allen hosts the perfect bite-sized talks about our newest products in Hot Topic Tuesday Talks with Ashley. The latest topic is Lithonia's ESXF Floodlight, which offers 36 configurations in one product! If floodlights aren't on your list, Ashley has videos ranging from Lithonia's Stack Switch Troffer, everything you need to know about the Acuity Academy, Buy American products, and more.

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Our Design Guide Look Book –  all fixtures presented by our manufacturers
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LIGHT! Recap YouTube Video with Lytei
Hooray! Yukiko Yoshida - You did it!
We are happy to share that you are the winner of the BIOS SkyView™ Table Lamp.
Thank you for stopping by the Selux booth at Light! Design Expo and learning about all our latest products. 

BIOS SkyView™ Table Lamp by is the first wellness lamp to merge lighting and health. Using patented BIOS SkyBlue™ circadian technology, the light cycles through four different modes that will provide you with daytime energy and restful nights: Sunrise, Daytime, Sunset, and Nighttime. It is unsurpassed in design for achieving optimal absorption of circadian-stimulating 490nm wavelengths. The benefits include strengthening natural circadian rhythms, increasing alertness, enhancing productivity, improving mood, developing a better night sleep, and other biological benefits.
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