From the desk of the President

Happy New Year BSF Members!

The full Board of BSF met in Orlando on January 14th for its semi-annual meeting and discussed many topics. News of interest to members includes:

  • The proposed dues increase for next year from $15 to $20 was tabled and may be discussed at a future time. It was agreed that 2024 dues will remain $15. You pay these dues through your local clubs as a portion of your club dues.

  • 2023 is an election year for officer positions. Currently, these positions are being served by:

  • President:

Kathrin Harris (Sho Fu/Sarasota)

  • 1st Vice President:

    Christopher Cosenza (Hukyu/Tampa, and Sho Fu)

  • 2nd Vice President:

Adam Lavigne (Central Florida/Orlando)

  • Treasurer:

Barbara Poglitsch (Treasure Coast/Pt St Lucie)

  • Secretary:

Kay Waldron (Hukyu/Tampa)


All positions are automatically vacated at this years Annual Member Meeting, which takes place during the convention on the weekend of May 26-28. Those volunteers currently serving are willing to continue, however, we are soliciting self nominations from the membership if interested in running for any of the above positions.

As with most volunteer organizations, finding people to serve in these positions isn't always easy. It takes dedication, an open mind, a willingness to compromise, and a desire to serve. I personally wish to thank all current Board members (above elected officers, appointed district trustees, and committee chairs for Membership, Epcot, and Convention) for their selfless efforts to further the art of bonsai in the state. In addition to this email, district trustees were asked to remind their clubs of this exciting opportunity to serve the state's bonsai community.

If one of these positions is of interest to you, please reply to this email or let your district trustee know of your intentions so we may add your name to the slate of potential candidates. You must let us know by Feb. 28 if you're interested in running for office.

Once the nomination process ends, we will then send an email outlining the candidates to all of BSF's club presidents, who in turn will inform their club members of the candidates and vote accordingly. There is a link at the bottom of this email to the BSF Bylaws so you can read about the duties and responsibilities of each office. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or any of our current board members.

Further News: We are gearing up for the 49th Annual Convention, taking place in Orlando May 26 to 28.

Congratulations to Hukyu member Dave Collom for winning this years logo contest (see below) . What a beautiful illustration Dave, thank you!

A reminder that we have negotiated special room rates ($120/night) at the Florida Hotel during the event. We urge you to volunteer during the course of the weekend—this helps us offer a more successful convention, and helps YOU by saving you taxes and resort fees during your hotel stay! The convention website will go live on March 1, providing information on the headliner artists, demo schedule, workshop information. When registering on the Convention website, you will sign up as a volunteer and book your desired room nights, paying the total $120/night upon completing your registration and purchase of any workshops or merchandise. Starting on March 16 at 8pm, you may register for the convention (registration includes admission to all events, demos, observing workshops, and the Sunday evening banquet), along with purchasing a spot in workshops. Material used in workshops is selected by participants in the order that registration was received.

We look forward to seeing you all in Orlando on Memorial Day weekend, and please consider serving the greater Florida bonsai community by considering a Board officer position, or by volunteering during the convention!

Kind regards,


Kathrin Harris

BSF President

PS: Several of you receiving this email have not yet renewed for 2023 with your local club. Should you not renew, this will be the last email you receive from BSF.

BSF Bylaws