Getting ready for Summer with The Belmore Centre.
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It's just around the corner... 

At last! The birds are singing, the days are longer and the sun is shining! It's now time to make sure you are ready to shed your winter clothes and put on those pretty summer dresses and sandals!

So prepare yourself by getting your waxing treatments booked in now, maybe have a Body Polish to ensure your skin is silky smooth and maybe even book some sun-bed sessions or have a spray tan to ensure you have a healthy glow!
As part of being ready for summer and making sure your feet look beautiful in your sandals, why not book a pedicure at The Belmore Centre? We offer a full range of pedicures, starting from the standard treatment which includes hard skin removal, filing the nails, cuticle work, massage and OPI nail polish with a colour of your choice. Or you can upgrade to a deluxe treatment, where your feet are covered in warm paraffin wax to soothe away aches and pains and to soften the skin before the pedicure commences. 
Price £27.00 for Standard Pedicure or £33.00 for Deluxe

Or if your feet just need a quick tidy up, we can file and shape the nails then freshly varnish them for you.
Price £12.50

We use OPI products in all our nail treatments. OPI products offer the latest trends combined with high quality.

We can offer Shellac in all our nail treatments. This 
armoured polish delivers 14+ days flawless wear, superior colour and mirror shine with no drying time and no nail damage.
Price £34.00 for a Pedicure with Shellac instead of standard nail varnish

We also offer Pedicures for men - which include hard skin removal, filing the nails, cuticle work and massage, but not polish. 
Price £23.00

Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream    £23.00

Continue the benefits of your pedicure by using this product on a daily basis - it nourishes, smoothes and repairs the skin and enhances nails. The product also offers soothing relief for tired feet. Experience the 'walking-on-air' feeling of a cream that helps relieve swelling and fatigue with Arnica Extract. It smoothes away rougness with Virgin Cashew Nut Oil and Shea Butter, strengthens and beautifies nails with Myrrh and renews and protects from ankle to toe! 
Is it for me? Inability to let go of past trauma and events, repeating life patterns, constantly feeling sabotaged by yourself or life, depression for no clear reason, recurring illness, feelings of emptiness, weak immune systems, feelings of not belonging, anger, anxiety, addictions, self abuse, constant grief - these are all indications that the Energy Field that informs who we are is disrupted or disturbed in some way. 

We hold the key to our own healing. As the blocks are cleared from the energy field and our energy begins to flow again we reconnect with our souls, our love, our vitality and our ability to heal naturally and easily. We step into our wisdom and cease to be sabotaged by the old patterns of negative thinking and feeling. We are empowered to create the lives that we truly want.

What happens in a session? The first part of a healing session involves listening to your natural intelligence through muscle testing. Just as we feel better when we feel heard and understood, so does the body. Simply listening through the muscle testing will often release stress before any balancing has occurred. 

Balancing techniques will depend on what the person's natural intelligence indicates. They can include medidian work, Touch for Health balancing, chakra work, illumination to clear unhelpful imprints from the energy field, clearing heavy and foreign energy, and soul retrieval. 

If you feel you would benefit from feeling more balanced and harmonious, please book an appointment with us to see Rebecca Johnson. £70 for your first treatment, £50 for any follow-up appointments. 
For more information on these and the other wide range of beauty and holistic therapies available at The Belmore Centre, please give us a call on 01296 612361 or visit our website 
Avoid the queues for the Car Parks in the Town Centre and come to The Belmore Centre for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We have ample FREE car parking! 
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