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Beach bristle or beach BEAUTIFUL.....?

Summer is here: get rid of the hairs! 

Have you been prepared, organised and super efficient? Or like most of us, are you suddenly panicking about hair sprouting out from all sorts of places as the shorts, dresses and bikinis make their way from the depths of the wardrobe to the top of the pile! 

Fear not, time is still on your side to banish the bristles! At The Belmore Centre we have various hair removal options including:

WAXING           visit our website here

We are able to wax legs, arms, underarms, bikini line (we also offer a Brazilian wax- the Landing Strip, an Intimate Brazilian Wax or a Hollywood if you want to go bare!), back, chest, eyebrow, lip or chin. After gently cleansing the area, we use warm honey wax to remove the hair. We then apply a soothing after wax lotion to help reduce sensitivity and calm the skin. Price: from £9.50

ELECTROLYSIS         visit our website here
This is a method of permanent hair reduction. A sterile needle is inserted into the hair follicle and a current is applied to cut off the blood supply to weaken and eliminate the hair. A consultation will be required prior to treatment. Price: from £7.50
THREADING             visit our website here
We also offer the ancient art of threading to tidy your eyebrows or remove hair from the upper lip area.

Prices: Lip £10.00, Eyebrows £10.00, Eyebrows and Lip: £20
Nutritional Therapy 
How well we feel depends on the efficiency with which our body produces hormones, enzymes and many other substances.
All these are made from food. But many people do not assimilate their food properly, perhaps because of poor digestion or chronic irritation of the digestive system.

Another common problem is toxin build up in the body – unwanted waste substances which get in the way of efficient functioning. Food allergies or intolerances can also cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms, which may be delayed or chronic, and difficult to relate to a specific food.

People who have used lots of antibiotics can also be prone to dysbiosis. This is the excessive growth of undesirable bacteria and yeasts, including Candida albicans in the intestine. Dysbiosis irritates the digestive tract and this irritation may impair the digestion. Many undesirable bacteria and yeasts also produce toxic waste products which get absorbed into our bloodstream and can make us feel unwell.

A Nutritional Therapist will aim to improve your body’s efficiency by identifying and then dealing with these problems using different types of diets, herbs and dietary supplements, according to an individual’s needs. An efficiently functioning body finds it easier to repair and heal itself.

Beginning with a detailed questionnaire, the Nutritional Therapist aims to find out whether any of the above problems are present. If so they will be contributing factors to a variety of illnesses because they undermine the healthy functioning of the body. Correcting these problems often enables the body to recover its ability to fight illness and restore good health.

Nutritional Therapy is not just healthy eating, it is a professional practitioner carrying out a comprehensive assessment on what your individual dietary needs may be.
Father's Day - 14th June
We have options you may not even be aware of that would be perfect for any dad this Father's Day. From men's relaxing treatments including massage, facials and waxing, to Gift Vouchers and Day Packages. Call today on
01296 612361 or visit our website here
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