Introducing: UnityWorks Foundation!
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Dear friends, We have exciting news to share with you!
 After several months of nurturing, the newly formed UnityWorks Foundation is ready to be unveiled to the public through our website,

Founded by Dr. Randie Gottlieb and a dedicated team of professionals, UnityWorks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to promote an understanding of the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity and the need for unity. We provide training, materials and support to empower local communities to raise prejudice-free children, and encourage schools to develop learning environments where students from all backgrounds can be successful. We hope to grow our startup organization into a national force, with programs in multiple cities, helping thousands of teachers and students to learn about unity in diversity.

Our Program for K-12 Schools
Our first emphasis is on creating a UnityWorks School Program, designed to educate staff and students about living in a diverse society, to promote culturally-responsive teaching, to increase equity and reduce prejudice, to improve race relations, to close achievement and opportunity gaps, and to encourage positive multicultural change.[1]
We plan to launch this fall in Yakima, Washington, beginning with an intensive Training Institute for local teachers.  A Local Action Board composed of several school administrators, two CEOs, an attorney, and other civic leaders, has been formed to oversee this effort. With the full support and encouragement of the local school district, the Board is now in the process of enrolling the first five schools in the Program. UnityWorks will provide diversity training, educational materials and ongoing support to these schools throughout the 2014-15 academic year.

[1] The UnityWorks School Program is based on the award-winning EMPIRE (Exemplary Multicultural Practices in Rural Education) Program, for which Dr. Gottlieb served as Executive Director for over a decade.

Educational Resources
UnityWorks also offers a variety of high-quality, easy-to-use materials for the public, including our recently published 300-page activity book on
Teaching Unity for parents and teachers, several colorful PowerPoints for kids, and other resources available in our brand new Bookstore.
Join Us!
The team at UnityWorks is committed to establishing and spreading this work as far and wide as possible. We have a brand-new
crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising $25,000 to support our pilot program in Yakima this Fall.

Join us in our efforts to promote understanding of the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity and the need for unity.  Your donation will help to launch the very first UnityWorks School Program.  Be a part of something that can heal the world! 

Thank you!
What People Are Saying

Teachers previously trained in this approach have responded with enthusiasm:
“This class was so refreshing. It also gives me hope. I think a lot of us were inspired to try to make a bigger difference than just improving our own classrooms, and that is really moving.”
“I now feel a responsibility as a teacher. I am driven to examine my own instructional methods and my own behavior.”

“I loved the stereotype activity we did in class today. It was awesome and HIGHLY effective. I keep looking for activities that would be great with high school students and I think this is completely appropriate for them.”

“I learned today that we are all one race- Human. I was surprised to learn that we are all related. I wish I had known this last year. My job as a teacher is to change the conversation about race. Now I have the tools to proceed.” 
“My greatest take-away is that diversity adds value to our communities. Diversity is not something to be afraid of!  I want to encourage students to thrive in our school believing we can become citizens of the world.” 
“I am excited to bring this learning back to my building. This class will help me be more culturally responsive, not just in my classroom but my whole life.”
“I used to think that one voice did not make an impact, but that has changed. I believe that we will be able to bring this message of understanding to our own schools, our families, our communities.”

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