Netnod Newsletter Q2, June 2019
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Welcome to the Netnod Q2 newsletter

This spring has seen Netnod announce some exciting services, including our new VLAN solution interconnecting all Netnod IXes. Now IX customers can get more value than ever with just one port enabling interconnection throughout the Nordics. 

We have also launched a new route server platform with a looking glass and support for RPKI. 
Adding RPKI on the route server is part of Netnod’s efforts to help ensure secure routing and prevent BGP hijacking. I encourage all IX customers to read the update about our new platform and to make sure their prefixes are signed.

The work behind our new route server platform has been featured on our recently launched Netnod blog. We are happy that many of you have been reading the articles published here. If there are any topics you would like us to consider in the future, please let us know.  

Netnod continues to be active in the policy sphere. We regularly respond to proposals on local implementations of EU directives. You can read more about our response to the recent proposal on consumer protection below. Our work in this area is focused on supporting the interests of our customers and the good of the Internet. 

The next Netnod meeting will take place in Stockholm on 10 October 2019. Our recent meetings have had record levels of attendees and impressive programmes across a range of topics. We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm. 

I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter!

LM Jogbäck
Netnod CEO

New interconnection service from Netnod and NIX will transform peering in the region 

Netnod and the Norwegian Internet Exchange (NIX) have announced the launch of a new IX VLAN peering service connecting Norway to the rest of the Nordics. The new service, the first of its kind in the region, will provide the Nordics with quicker, cheaper and more effectively managed interconnections than ever before. 

The VLAN peering solution enables customers at NIX to connect to any of the Netnod Internet Exchanges (IXes) in the Nordics and vice-versa. With no extra cross-connection or equipment needed, networks can now peer throughout the region at a fraction of the previous cost.

More information is available here.

Netnod launches new IX route server platform

Netnod has launched a new route server platform at the Netnod Stockholm and Copenhagen IXes. The new platform provides some significant new features including: support for RPKI, enabling of all standard BGP communities, and a publicly available looking glass.

Customers peering with a route server should ensure that they have signed their prefixes with RPKI and that their AS-SETs are up-to-date.
More information is available here. 

Special offer: one year FREE connection

Netnod in partnership with IT Norrbotten is offering one year FREE connection to the Netnod IX Luleå, the place where the Nordic’s northern networks meet. 

You can find more information and sign up for this offer here

Netnod and Internetstiftelsen publish first version of Internet Access definition

Together with operators, technicians and other stakeholders, Netnod and the Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS) have finished the first phase of three in a project to define the various elements that constitute internet access. Version 1.0 of the definition summarises the findings so far, and includes summaries of the various elements that should be considered when looking at the provision of Internet connectivity.

More information is available here. 

Netnod blog

Netnod launched a new blog in Q1 2019 as a place to share our latest findings and projects. Since then, we have published articles on: Precision Time Protocol (PTP); the development of Netnod’s new IX route server platform; our involvement in a project to ensure Sweden remains connected even in crisis situations; and how Netnod’s new IX VLAN service means customers can connect to every Netnod IX at minimal cost. 

You can read the blog articles and subscribe to the blog here.

Netnod comments on Ministry of Finance study on EU consumer protection regulation

Netnod has commented on the Ministry of Finance's release of SOU 2019:12, “New Powers in the Field of Consumer Protection”, a regulation that is proposed to come into force from 2020. Netnod’s comments concerned the proposed “warning message” related to the use of security mechanisms (digital signatures and encryption), the importance of security mechanisms for consumers and the intermediary responsibilities of hosting providers and ISPs in relation to these mechanisms. 

More information and a link to Netnod’s full response is here.   

Save the date:
Netnod Tech Meeting 2019

The next Netnod Tech Meeting will take place in Stockholm on 10th October 2019.  

We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities available at this meeting. If you are interested, please contact: 

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