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There's a bit of a joke around our house, because of a saying I have. It's more of a sentiment, actually. But I say it out loud sometimes. For example, it goes something like this - just a minute, I'm being nice to my future self, folding this laundry! That's the jist of it - being nice to my future self. If I make a big pot of soup I'm able to take to the studio throughout the week - I'm being nice to my future self. If I leave the gas tank in the car on empty, requiring an early morning stop - not being nice to future self. If I make sloppy notes related to a recipe, and have to start over. Q'uelle horreur. I wasn't being nice. It's just a general attempt to avoid screwing my future self over. Related, one of the things I like about having a dedicated workspace is packing a lunch, and sitting at the big table, or in the sunny window boxes. I don't like eating out (or ordering in) everyday. So, one of the ways I've been trying to be nice to my future self, is by prepping and packing interesting lunches, and this was one of them. It's simply noodles, salad greens, and edamame, with an easy dressing, peanuts, and pomelo. Packed in a jar you can simply turn it out into a bowl, give it a toss, and you're set...
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