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24 June 2016
Issue 11

Save the date: Waste & Recycle 2016, Thursday 15 and Friday 16 September. More information coming soon!

In this issue...

LG Spotlight: Exmouth Recovery Trial Success
Shire of Exmouth landfill staff recently carried out a trial to assess the viability of recovering high end value metals for recycling. The trial was successful and provided an unexpectedly high income return for the Shire.
The trial involved 25 hours of staff labour and 4 hours plant time to retrieve:
  • 1,362kg of radiator aluminium and copper from air conditioners
  • 204kg of copper tube
  • 1,102kg copper elect motors.
The Shire received over $4,000 for the recovered material and, deducting the cost of labour, plant time and freight, made a profit of over $2500. Plus a further $1700 of income from over 4300kg of automotive and marine batteries collected as part of standard operations.
Given the substantial freight costs for the regional Shire, the outcomes of the trial demonstrates the opportunities available to Local Governments looking to increase scrap metal recovery.
For more information email Shire of Exmouth Executive Manager Health & Building, Rob Manning or call 9949 3014.
Bin Tagging Near You
Results from Bin Tagging now available!
Following on from the success of the Bin Tagging Pilot Program, WALGA received funding from the Waste Authority, through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Action, to continue implementing a behaviour change campaign that reduces contamination and increases recovery from the kerbside system.

Widely referred to as ‘Bin Tagging,’ this Program was rolled out in five Local Governments: Towns of Bassendean and Mosman Park, Cities of Cockburn and Joondalup and the Shire of Capel between February and April 2016.

The Report outlines the overall results that were achieved through the bin tagging for waste, recycling and greenwaste/organics. To access the report, visit the WasteNet website.
For more information on the Bin Tagging program, email Manager, Waste and Recycling Rebecca Brown or call 9213 2063.
Amendments to the WARR and WARRL Regulations
The Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Levy Regulations 2008 (WARR Levy Regulations) and the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Regulations 2008 (WARR Regulations) have been amended.

The amendments aim to improve the accuracy of weight and volume estimations of waste received and disposed to landfill and enable more accurate calculation of the landfill levy. The amendments will take effect from 1 July 2016.

There is now an approved manner for estimating the volume or weight of waste received at landfills. The approved manner must be used by landfill operators to estimate the waste that is subject to the levy.

Under regulation 17(2) of the WARR Regulations, licensees are required to make records in an approved form of particulars relating to waste received at licensed landfill premises.

To access more information on the amendments and these resources, visit DER’s website.
For more information, email Manager Compliance (Waste) Tony Beeson, or call 6467 5326.
Larger Levy
In line with the Regulations, the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Levy is due to increase on Friday 1 July 2016.
The rate for putrescible waste will increase from $55/tonne to $60/tonne. The rate for inert waste will increase from $60/m3 to $75/m3 (approximately $50/tonne).
For the full schedule of Levy rates, visit the Department of Environment Regulation website.
Wren Reminder: All’s Oil that ends Oil
WALGA and Wren Oil agreed to vary the current Preferred Supplier contract to include a price to collect and recycle used oil in February 2016.
The low international price of oil has greatly impacted the price of recycled oil. Wren Oil have reviewed their own operations to reduce costs and as a last resort sought to increase collection costs.
To receive a copy of the variation contact Manager Waste and Recycling Rebecca Brown on 9213 2063.
New Preferred Supply Arrangement
WALGA would like to announce the launch of a new Preferred Supply Arrangement for Natural Area Management and Environmental Consulting Services.
The new Preferred Supplier Arrangement includes suppliers for Waste Management Consulting & Audit Services and Hazardous Materials Management.
For more information visit the WALGA Preferred Supplier Directory, email Procurement & Category Manager Andrew Blitz, on 9213 2046.
To Infinity and the Conf!
Nominations for the Infinity Awards are now open.
The Infinity Awards recognise excellence in waste reduction and recycling by Local Government, industry and the community in Western Australia.

This year the Waste & Recycle Conference will host the Infinity Awards, where winners will be announced on Thursday 15 September.

Nominations close midnight Sunday 17 July.
For more information, visit the Waste Authority website.
Waste is the Word!
Want to share your waste management successes, promote a new project, have a key question answered or collaborate with other Local Governments?  We want to include your waste management issues in this newsletter!

Please submit your content to WALGA's Waste Management Support Officer Ariane Katscherian.
Did you know there is a Municipal Waste Advisory Council?
The Municipal Waste Advisory Council (MWAC) is a standing committee of WALGA with delegated authority on municipal waste issues. MWAC's membership includes the major Regional Councils (waste management), making MWAC a unique forum through which all the major Local Government waste management organisations cooperate.

MWAC members are:
Bunbury Harvey Regional Council
City of Greater Geraldton
Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council
Mindarie Regional Council
Rivers Regional Council
Western Metropolitan Regional Council
Southern Metropolitan Regional Council
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