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MWAC Information Bulletin
15 August 2014
Issue 194

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  • Friday, 15 August - Waste and Recycle Conference Early Bird Registrations

Pedal to the Metal
Early bird registration for the Waste & Recycle Conference 2014: Changing the Drivers closes today Friday, 15 August.
Half day and full day tours and workshops will showcase innovative waste management technology in action. Tours will include:
  • A Waste 101 day for those new to the industry or in need of a refresher. This session is an opportunity to cram a day full of different waste experiences;
  • Organics Odyssey: an epic journey to view C-Wise and learn about how Bunbury Harvey Regional Council engaged their community to move from a two to three bin system.
  • Shop and Go, a whirlwind tour of a variety of tip shops, both Local Government and private sector operate, plus a chance to visit a charity shop sorting facility to see where the magic happens.
  • Using technology to address Litter and Illegal dumping, with a leading lawyer to explain the ins and outs of the legal issues with the use of technology in this area, and
  • Offshore tour of waste management on Rottnest Island, a class ‘A’ nature reserve.
To register for the Conference, visit the Registration Information page.
For more information, visit the Waste and Recycle Conference Website.
Building Excellence in Waste Management
PACT Construction has won the 2014 Master Builder Award for Excellence in Waste Management for the construction of WALGA’s new home at ONE70.
Environmental focus was reflected throughout the entire building process, achieving a 91% recycling rate or diversion from landfill rate. This is well above the national commercial construction industry standard practice of 58%.

Avoidance of waste generation was the primary objective by diverting waste from landfill, reducing waste and reusing spare and recycled materials. Recyclable material such as concrete, timber, metal, sand, clay and brick rubble were mixed then sorted at the material recovery facility.
For more information on ONE70, email Nick Wood, Executive Manager, Business Solutions on 9213 2020.
Playback for Recycling
Recycle Right, along with the Cities of Cockburn and Fremantle, and the Town of East Fremantle have produced an animated waste video.
The video was originally produced by the City of Melville, and was modified to include the other councils.
The video can be viewed at the Recycle Right website.
Recycling Wet Concrete
A South Australian company is one of the first in Australia to produce ‘green’ concrete made almost exclusively from leftover concrete and other recycled products.
Every day tonnes of excess concrete from construction projects is left to harden and has limited use except as rubble for road base and other similar uses. Now Hallett Concrete has commissioned a concrete reclaimer and filter press at its Dry Creek plant to reclaim the raw materials. The $300,000-plus project has been partially funded by Zero Waste SA to treat more than 3,000 cubic metres of wet concrete returned to the depot every year.

"It's a very clever system which allows us to reuse 100% of the materials," says Operations Manager Andy Jordan. "The reclaimed sand and aggregate goes back into our new Hallett Remix product, while a filter press takes out clean water which goes into our dam."

About 10% to 15% of the original concrete is pressed into hard cakes for use as rubble.

For more information, visit Hallett Concrete.
Hoarding and Domestic Squalor Toolkit and Guideline
Local Governments are often involved with situations of hoarding and squalor within the community.
The Department of Health has developed a toolkit and guideline to aid local government authorities and other service providers in their response to situations of hoarding and squalor.  The documents can be found on the public health website.

These documents have been developed through a consultative process with a range of agencies that have a regular involvement with issues of hoarding and squalor. 

The Environmental Health Directorate will be seeking feedback on the usefulness of the documents and has a strong interest to develop an evidence base that may provide stronger and more detailed assistance to those involved in managing specific cases of hoarding and domestic squalor.
Please submit any feedback including suggestions for case studies via the Department of Health.
Keep Australia Beautiful week will be held Sunday 24 – 31 August and KAB are looking for all the ways you’ve B’IN GOOD for the environment.
It’s as simple as picking up some litter on your morning walk, signing up as a litter reporter or perhaps helping us spread the B’IN GOOD message with your friends or family. Share it on KAB’s Facebook page or email your entry to go in the draw to win an iPad mini.
See more good ideas for B’IN GOOD on the KAB website.
Waste Regulations Streamlined
Improvements to controlled waste regulations have come into effect in order to streamline processes and help reduce red tape for industry.
Industry now has the option of applying for a one, three or five-year licence instead of being limited to an annual licencing option.

Industry will also have the option to transfer a carrier, vehicle or tank licence when the business or vehicle is sold to another entity. In addition the waste category process has been revised to align with national standards.
For more information about the changes, visit the Department of Environment Regulation website.
Make It? Take It
A coalition of more than 20 US national and state public interest groups have released a letter calling on KRAFT Foods to take responsibility for packaging waste as part of the Make It, Take It Campaign.
The Campaign is advocating for consumer goods companies to redesign environmentally-harmful packaging and support policies to ensure packaging is reduced, and reused or recycled.

“Companies often design packaging without thinking about what will happen when we’re finished with it. Many types of packaging, often plastic or multi-layered, are impossible to recycle or compost,” said Matt Prindeville, Associate Director for UPSTREAM and co-founder and coordinator of the campaign. “Because of this, the majority of packaging ends up being wasted in incinerators and landfills, or as roadside litter that eventually becomes marine debris that fouls our oceans and harms wildlife.”

The groups involved are asking KRAFT to develop plans to accomplish the following:
  1. Design packaging from safe, sustainable materials using recycled content, while minimizing unnecessary packaging.
  2. Design packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable.
  3. Support policies to ensure 90% of your packaging gets reused, recycled or composted.
  4. Help mitigate packaging that winds up in the environment, especially plastic packaging.
For more information visit the Make It, Take It website.
The Municipal Waste Advisory Council (MWAC) is a standing committee of WALGA with delegated authority on municipal waste issues. MWAC's membership includes the major Regional Councils (waste management), making MWAC a unique forum through which all the major Local Government waste management organisations cooperate.
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