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It’s that time again...another edition of my table tennis newsletter. I have lots of tips from myself (and others) about how to improve your table tennis. I also discuss the new controversial point scoring system (ITTF has changed the rules again!).

New blog posts

How to improve the placement of your attacks

One of the (many) ways you can get better at table tennis is to improve the placement of your attacks. This is often what separates ‘very good’ table tennis players from merely ‘good’ table tennis players. In this blog post, I share three simple tips to take your attacking game to the next level…
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Table tennis camps in UK and Europe

A great way to improve your table tennis skills is to attend a table tennis training camp. In this blog post I share details of training camps taking place in the UK and mainland Europe during 2017. If you're thinking of attending a training camp, now is a good time to sign up before they get fully booked. 
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ITTF makes another major change to the point scoring system

The ITTF has announce another major change to the point scoring system. At the upcoming world championships in Düsseldorf, all games will be played up to 5 points, best of 9. Yes, that's right, players only need to win 5 points to win a game. The plan is to roll out the new scoring system to all competitions by 2018. This new change has caused outrage amongst players and fans around the world. In this blog post, I share my thoughts.
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Small steps training drill

To help improve a player’s footwork, I often get them doing a small steps training drill. The aim of the drill is to make small steps, left or right, to get into the ideal position to play shots as best as you possibly can. In this blog post, I show you how to do the training drill. The post includes both a video demonstration and a written explanation.
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Review: Eastfield Allround table tennis bat

There’s a new table tennis brand on the market. The new brand, Eastfield, is the creation of Ben Larcombe, who runs the popular Expert Table Tennis website. The first bat to be released under the Eastfield brand is the Eastfield Allround table tennis bat. Ben very kindly sent me an Eastfield Allround bat to try out. I’ve been using the bat on and off for the past month in my coaching sessions. Here’s my review…
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Best from the web
Serve and Forehand Loop (Larry Hodges)

Detailed article about how to improve your serve and forehand 3rd ball attack. There is LOADS of great advice in this article, so make sure you read it if you need to improve this area of your game.

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Tactics for 18 different types of opponent (Samson Dubina)

Playing the right tactics is vital to winning at table tennis. There are so many different tactics you can use against many different styles. Samson Dubina shares his advice on how to play against 18 different types of opponent.

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How to Play as Well in Matches as in Training (Ben Larcombe)

Many players struggle to replicate their training form in competitive matches. Ben Larcombe offers some advice on what you need to do to play as well in matches as in training.

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The Ten Commandments of Table Tennis Serves (Jon Gustavson)

10 tips from coach Jon Gustavson on how to make your service game stronger. Some good advice here.

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Whip Forehand Topspin Table Tennis - Like a Boss! (Brett Clarke)

If you want more power and spin on your forehand topspin loop, this video is for you.

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