JULY 2016

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National Mentoring Program Survey 2016

REQUIRED for IMP Certified PROGRAMS. This is your Quarterly report.

Iowa programs that complete the survey by August 10 will be entered into a drawing for a one of two cash prizes:
1st place prize of $500 and a $250 runner up prize
Take the survey now.

  • The survey should take around 30 minutes to complete (add an additional 15 minutes for reporting on additional programs run by the same organization/agency).
  • If needed, you can save the survey and come back to it later.
  • The survey asks questions about both the organizations that run mentoring programs and the programs themselves. "Program" is defined as a distinct mentoring model that operates at one or more locations in a limited geographic area. Please report on each program you operate separately.
  • The survey will be easier to complete if you have the following information on hand
    • 1) data about your mentors and mentees and their relationship
    • 2) basic information about the program's goals, history, and structure
    • 3) information about your staffing and budget.
  • Because of the detailed information needed, we recommend that an Executive Director, Program Coordinator, or similar leadership position complete the survey

MENTOR will not share any identifiable program information from this survey with external parties. The information gathered in this survey will play a vital role in supporting and expanding the mentoring movement, chiefly by helping MENTOR:
  • Improve our ability to raise public awareness about mentoring and increase investment in mentoring by the public and private sectors.
  • Better understand the needs and challenges of the field so that we can provide relevant tools, resources, and technical assistance.
  • Identify gaps in the services offered in communities, as well as underserved populations, so that we might more effectively close the mentoring gap.
  • Support new research projects and rigorous evaluations that can demonstrate the impact of mentoring on both policy goals and the lives of individual children.

Not only will the information be of value at the national and state level, but also beneficial to your program directly by providing information that will help MENTOR and your local Mentoring Partnership tailor services, support, and training more directly to your needs.





JULY 1- AUG 10
National Mentoring Survey Open 
REQUIRED for IMP programs

JULY 14  State and National Trends in Mentoring: IMP Peer Share Call, 2 pm  

JULY 21  Preparing Mentees and Families for Successful Matches, Collaborative Webinar, Noon

JULY 27  EEP and Employee Wellness, Northwest Regional Group , Spirit Lake, 10 am. All are welcome. Contact Provider Board member Jayne Wilhelm at

August 1-2  At-Risk Youth and Character Education, Des Moines


Join IMP staff for a look back over the past year and look ahead for state and national trends that affect youth mentoring during our July 14 Peer Share Call at 2 pm.


Host a Town Hall on underage drinking. $500 stipends available

"Grit" is not the panacea  Grit has had a focus in youth development recently but a debate exists among those who worry that it means the problem is with the child and the solution is in training the child while overlooking the difficult circumstances that cause the need for grit.

Working with Challenging Mentees   Mentees with high levels of stress tended to have shorter mentoring relationships. Likewise, mentee behavioral problems tended to result in less satisfying and lower quality relationships. How can you help mentors in these relationships?


When you need extra motivation to meet your goals or overcome barriers the IMP can help. Through funding from the National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC) we can assign a technical assistance provider to work with you to strengthen your program to:

Think strategically about your goals
Create space to plan, think, build and execute your goals
Achieve goals in a collaborative, friendly and personable environment
Team up with insightful, supportive partners for achieving your mentoring goals

Contact Mary Sheka at the IMP for more information.


Don't miss the new IMP STEM Resources guide made specifically for Iowa mentoring programs. It provides STEM activities and contacts related to STEM initiatives going on in the state. 

June Collaborative webinar recording: Building Future Leaders Through STEM Mentoring.