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September 5, 2014
First Photo of the Earth from the Moon
This photo reveals the first view of Earth from the moon, taken by Lunar Orbiter 1 on August 23, 1966. It’s shot from a distance of about 236,000 miles (380,000 kilometers) and shows half of Earth, from Istanbul to Cape Town and areas east, shrouded in night. Lunar Orbiter 1 was one of five Lunar Orbiters sent to the moon in the 1960s by NASA.

Important Questions about Redistricting in Illinois Webinar offered Tuesday, September 9, at noon
The year after every decennial census, the Supreme Court requires every state to rearrange its congressional and state legislative boundaries so that each district in a given legislative chamber is equal in population. That is, the states must redistrict their legislatures. But this is no simple exercise in head counting and geography. Since the boundaries of their districts can mean political life or death for hundreds of officeholders and candidates around the state, redistricting is perhaps the most politically intense process of the decade. The process results in a completely new political map. It also results in voter confusion. To learn more about our state’s redistricting options, tune in to this free webinar, offered by University of Illinois Extension and the Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs. Recorded sessions are available.
University of Illinois Extension will host its annual Ewing Demonstration Center Fall Field Day on Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 9 a.m.  The Ewing Demonstration Center is located at 16132 N. Ewing Rd; Ewing IL 62836, on the north edge of the village of Ewing, north of the Ewing Grade School on north Ewing Road. Watch for signs. The ongoing research plots this year consist of a soybean cover crops, LibertyLink soybean variety trial, insecticide/fungicide trial on soybeans, corn population study, drought tolerant corn hybrid evaluation, and new this year, a pumpkin variety trial.
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