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February 26, 2016
A Canadian entrepreneur has figured out a way to make reliable road-quality assessments using just a smartphone. The tool is targeted to help cities gather the data they need to keep local streets in great shape at a fraction of the cost of typical assessment tools. Roads don’t wear down at a perfectly gradual rate; after a certain point, there’s a steep drop-off in condition. Fixing a road before that cliff can be the difference between low-cost minor maintenance and pricy major reconstruction. Part of the reason the U.S. and (to a lesser extent) Canada face such costly infrastructure crises today is that officials have deferred so much street repair.
Bicycle theft is a major problem in Europe, with a bike stolen every five minutes. We Love Cycling, an online magazine by Czech automaker Skoda, wanted to raise awareness and direct cyclists to take necessary measures like buying a good lock, registering their bikes, etc. They came up with a hilarious stunt titled ‘European Bike Stealing Championship’ to determine which city is the worst when it comes to bike theft. Cycles were rigged with powder bombs and left unattended (as bait) to catch bike thieves on hidden camera. Watch to see what happened.
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