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WaterWise Commercial News | Spring 2019

Save the Date – June 25, 2019 Alternative On-Site Water Use Workshop

Austin Water will hold a free, all day workshop on June 25, 2019 on alternative on-site water systems, technologies and rebate programs.  These systems include the collection and use of rainwater, AC condensate, gray water, black water, foundation drain water and other on-site sources of water as alternatives to using potable water for irrigation, cooling, toilet flushing and other authorized uses. The workshop is designed for building engineers, design architects and developers interested in incorporating these innovative and cost effective systems into their building. 

The workshop will be held at the headquarters of the Austin Board of Realtors
4800 Spicewood Springs Road, Austin, Texas from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

The agenda includes: 

  • Introduction by City of Austin Mayor Steve Adler
  • Keynote speaker Paul Kehoe, Director of Water Resources, San Francisco Public Utility Commission
  • Austin area case studies presented by local engineers and architects
  • State and Local Requirements for Onsite and Reclaimed Water Systems
  • AW Rebate and Incentive Programs
  • Alternative Water Strategies, Proposed Ordinance Concepts and Implementation Timelines contained in Austin’s Water Forward Plan

Please RSVP not later than June 14, 2019 so we can ensure we have a place for you at this event.   
For more information about the workshop and to RSVP, please contact Mary Zambrano at (512) 972-0150 or e-mail


Hope to see you June 25!

2019 Conservation Award Winners

Austin Water honored four water customers for excellence in commercial, institutional or industrial water conservation at the 27th Annual Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 26, 2019 at 11:30 AM at the Asian American Resource Center at 8401 Cameron Road, Austin, TX 78754. In addition, 15 local breweries were honored for their public service in making free drinking water available to Austin Water customers and local businesses during the Colorado River Flood of 2018.   

Those receiving the awards included:

Austin Public Library, New Central Library – 89% of annual water demands are being met from on-site alternative water sources and reclaimed municipal treated wastewater; annual average potable water offset is 1.88 million gallons.

Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas - Uses A/C condensate water for 100% irrigation water savings, 20% building water savings, including process water savings for medical equipment such as steam sterilizers, reverse osmosis systems, water saving x-ray and digital imaging systems.

The Mueller Diamond Building - Uses on-site rain water collection and the reclaimed water loop for irrigation and fixture flushing; 100% outdoor water savings and 67.5% indoor water savings.

The Oracle Building/Project Waterfront – Uses onsite alternative water sources for 63% irrigation water savings, 25.5% building water savings, and cooling tower water savings.

The following honorees were recognized for their public service in making free drinking water available to Austin Water customers and local businesses during the Colorado River Flood of 2018:

  • Black Star Co-Op Pub and Brewery
  • Hold Out Brewing
  • The Brewers Table
  • Blue Owl Brewery
  • North by Northwest Brewery
  • Jester King Brewery
  • Brewtorium Brewery and Kitchen
  • St. Elmo Brewing Company
  • Oasis Texas Brewing
  • Pinthouse Pizza
  • Hops & Grain Brewing
  • Zilker Brewing Company
  • Live Oak Brewing
  • Uncle Billy’s Brewery
  • Whitestone Brewery

For information on Water Conservation, visit 
or contact the Water Conservation Division at (512) 974-2199.

Austin Water Rebate Programs
for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Customers

Bucks for Business Rebates
Austin Water offers customized rebates of up to $100,000 for water-saving equipment retrofits and upgrades in facilities such as office buildings, factories, health care facilities, schools, universities, hotels and restaurants. The performance-based rebate amount is based on $0.50/1000 gallons saved over the 10-year lifetime of the rebated equipment or 50% of the cost of the equipment, whichever is less. Some examples of eligible upgrades include:

  • Capturing on-site alternative sources of water such as air conditioner condensate, rainwater, foundation drain water, or recycled manufacturing process water to use for landscape irrigation, cooling water make-up, washing, and toilet flushing
  • Equipment and processes that reduce the amount of potable water used for cooling towers, including those that maximize cycles of concentration for cooling towers above five cycles
  • Laundry water use reduction measures such as ozone treatment and water recycling and reuse systems
  • EPA EnergyStar rated commercial kitchen equipment

Some projects may also qualify for property or sales tax exemptions or other incentives offered by Austin Energy or Texas Gas Company.
Rainwater Harvesting System Rebate Program
Rebates of $0.50 per gallon capacity for non-pressurized systems or $1.00 per gallon capacity for pressurized systems up to a maximum rebate of $5,000 are available.
Irrigation System Upgrade Rebate
Austin Water offers a rebate of up to $5,000 for a central computer irrigation controller system. Additional rebates are available for flow sensors, multi-stream nozzles and master valves.
Water Audit Rebate
Receive up to $5000 for an independent water audit of your facility to identify potential water and cost savings. To qualify, you must commit to fix any leaks and make any necessary equipment or system adjustments discovered by the audit.
Reclaimed Water
Use of less expensive treated wastewater to meet non-potable water needs such as irrigation and cooling towers. Austin now has two reclaimed water filling stations one located in East Austin on Hergotz Lane and the other at the Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Facility for businesses that need bulk water. Additional locations around the City are being planned.

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