Netnod Newletter - May 2020

Newsletter - May 2020

Welcome to the Netnod Newsletter 

In these challenging times, I am happy to say that we have been working harder than ever to expand the interconnection possibilities for local and international networks. We have announced some exciting international partnerships and have added a new IX location in Gävle, Sweden. We are proud to be working with the Internet community to support the exchange of local Internet traffic and to open up possibilities for remote peering throughout the Nordics.

Following Swedish government guidelines, our staff are working remotely wherever possible. We continue to work effectively and are available for any meetings via remote channels. Just get in touch, and we will be happy to see you online.

I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter, and I wish you and your families all the best of health.

LM Jogbäck
Netnod CEO

Netnod IX Sundsvall expands to Gävle

With a new Point of Presence in Gävle, the Netnod Internet Exchange (IX) Sundsvall has become the regional IX for mid-Sweden. Local networks can connect at either Sundsvall or Gävle and peer directly with networks at both locations. They will also be able to peer remotely at all other Netnod IXes.

Read more here.

Shaped ports at Netnod Internet Exchanges

Shaped ports are now available enabling you to connect to a 10GE, 100GE or 400GE port but to only use the capacity you need. This means that once you have set up the connection, you only pay for what you require. More information on shaped ports is available here.

Telia Carrier becomes a Netnod Reach partner

Telia Carrier has partnered with Netnod to provide customers with remote peering connections. As a Netnod Reach partner, Telia Carrier can connect customers from any point in its global network enabling remote peering at Netnod IXes throughout the Nordics. More information is available here.

Important update for NTS clients following updates to draft protocol

There has been a change in the new version of the draft Network Time Security (NTS) protocol that could cause problems for NTS clients not following the new behaviour. To make this change as painless as possible for existing users, the Netnod NTS servers will support the old and new behaviours on different TCP ports. Full details are available here.

IPv6 Q&A with the RIPE NCC


This month marks ten years since IPv6 was deployed across Netnod’s DNSNODE service and at the I-root instances that we operate. With this anniversary in mind, we asked Mirjam Kühne and Marco Hogewoning from the RIPE NCC to let us know how they see IPv6 deployment progressing in Sweden. Read the Q&A here.

Rock-solid DNS for the .FI domain

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency has chosen Netnod to provide DNS services for the .FI domain. Find out the challenges they face and how Netnod’s DNSNODE service helps. Read the full case study here.

Netnod Blog

Recent blogposts have looked at how to secure your DNS, how we know exactly what time it is and how IPv6 deployment is progressing in Sweden. The Netnod blog is available here.
New Connections

Senia Systems ApS
Stockholm - AS 207663

Upgraded Networks

IP-Only Networks AB
Copenhagen - AS  12552

Gothenburg - AS  9201

Nordiska Servercentralen AB
Gothenburg - AS  49515

Rascom CJSC
Stockholm - AS  20764

Stockholm - AS  43727

Telekom Srbija
Stockholm - AS  8400

Forss Webservice AB
Stockholm - AS  43809

Stockholm - AS 8732

UAB Bite Lietuva
Stockholm - AS  13194
Upgraded Networks

Hi3G Access AB
Copenhagen - AS  44034

Hurricane Electric
Stockholm - AS  6939

Götalandsnätet AB
Copenhagen - AS  12597

GlobalConnect AS (Norway)
Stockholm - AS  2116

Netflix Streaming Services International B.V.
Stockholm - AS  2906

31173 Services AB
Gothenburg - AS  39351

Stockholm - AS  8359

Kaisanet Oy
Stockholm - AS 13170

Net at Once Sweden AB
Gothenburg - AS  35706

Meet Netnod at events

Due to current circumstances, we won’t have the chance to meet our customers and industry partners face to face as normal. But we are always happy to meet online in whatever form works best for you. You can book a meeting here.
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