Open Science Newsletter, October 2019

Let's talk about ... open science research practices

Join our symposium on open science research practices, such as pre-registration, replication studies and reuse of research data, on 22 October. Keynote speakers will be Rachael Ainsworth (University of Manchester) and Anita Eerland (Utrecht University); with contributions from Sjoerd Beugelsdijk, Chiara Lisciandra, Maurits Masselink and Vera Heininga (all Groningen). During the symposium the Open Science Community Groningen will be inaugurated.
> Read more and register
Meet the University's open access ambassadors
The UG and UMCG nominated nine enthusiastic ambassadors to promote open access publishing within their departments, institutes or faculties. Find out who they are and read their motivation to be ambassadors. Want to become an ambassador yourself? Let us know! > Read more
Open access figures 2018 for UG/UMCG
In 2018, 55% of all UG/UMCG peer-reviewed articles were open access - including gold, hybrid and green open access. The share of open access publications rose from 51% in 2017 and 37% in 2016. The Faculty of Science and Engineering has the most open access publications (67%), followed by Spatial Sciences and Arts (both 61%). > Read more
New: Open access publishing workshops
Would you like to learn more about open access publishing and the support services we offer? Join our workshops at the UMCG and the UG (see agenda below). Besides these workshops, the open access team is available to give tailored presentations at departments, institutes or faculties.

22 OCT              Symposium on open science research practices
8 OCT & 5 DEC Open access workshops at the UMCG
10 DEC              Open access workshop at the UG
Did you know that ...
... the open access web pages are renewed? Check them out for the latest news and all the information you need on open access publishing. We would love to hear your feedback.
Central Medical Library gives open access a push
The Central Medical Library developed two new services for UMCG-authors to make it easier to publish open access: 
> The Open Access Publication of the Week
> 'Act on Acceptance'
Springer Nature OA deal: approaching annual quota 
We expect to reach the national quota of 2,080 publications in Springer Nature journals before the end of 2019. This means that the deal will be suspended for a few weeks in December. During this momentary suspension UG/UMCG publications will no longer be eligible for free open access publication. > Read more
New open access deal with Royal Society of Chemistry
The UG has reached a new Read and Publish agreement with the Royal Society of Chemistry. The agreement provides reading access to 40 RSC journals and allows UG/UMCG-affiliated submitting authors to publish open access at no additional cost. > Read more and find out about other local deals
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Check the Journal Browser to find out which journals offer open access publication and which discounts apply for UG and UMCG researchers. 

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