CSE IT Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2017
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"In the sweet sunshower"... It's the Spring 2017 issue of CSE IT News!  Where from time to time, we bring you news, service reminders and sunny updates on all things IT here @ the Allen School.

gpu card

More GPU Workstations Coming

As luck would have it, it appears the STF Committee has just opted to fund our Spring quarter proposal which asked for some GPU cards and SSDs to retrofit existing workstations. We are targeting eight systems, and we'll follow up with a general announcement with more details once these are available.  

These should be ready to rock by mid-Summer.

uw HPC service
UW High Performance Computing Club

The UW HPCC provides access to the Hyak research computing cluster for undergraduate and graduate students, and more recently is offering students (who are HPCC members) vetted access to AWS.  Learn more about the HPC Club, and how to take advantage of the AWS offering.

In the most recent round of funding, the STF Committee has granted an additional $60K in funding for HPCC AWS cloud use.

Windows logo

CSE Windows Domain Consolidation

Since time immemorial, there have been two Windows authentication domains in CSE (CSERESEARCH & CSEPCLAB). To simplify things for us and for you, we are in the process of converging onto a new single Windows domain, which we've aptly named CSENETID.  If you've used the CSE Password changer in the last six months, you've already set your new domain password.

This change will come to the labs when you return in the Fall. What it will likely entail is you getting a clean slate Windows profile.  Think of that as a fresh start to the new school year!

purple mortarboard

Pomp and Circumstance

"You are what some have called 'the Greatest Generation'. Not many, but some - so far just me. I'm counting on you to not make me look like an idiot for saying that. So be great - no pressure."
-Stephen Colbert  

As a select few of you prepare to move beyond the hallowed halls of the Allen School, you may want to consider taking the time to preserve the collection of data and significant bits that you have amassed. To find out what happens to various CSE content and identities following graduation, and how to prepare accordingly, please see our After Graduation page. But do nothing, and some of it will surely get swept away.  

Google G logo

Google Takeout

Speaking of leaving with all your stuff.  Did you know that Google offers a convenient service to create an archive of your Googly data?

Google Takeout is available for all CSE users.

Also see Google's Takeout Help Article for Students.

VMWare Logo

VMWare Academic Software Program

The VMware Academic Program provides both desktop and infrastructure software free for your personal use, whether it be for your classes here, or simply for gaining hands-on experience with VMware products.  Visit CSE's VMAP portal today.

Recent updated offerings include; VMware Fusion 8 Pro   
and VMware Workstation 12.

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