Procedural Guidelines at Caesarea Golf Club
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Dear members,

We are happy to inform you that the Caesarea Golf Club will reopen for playing on Sunday, 3.5.2020.

The operations of the club as detailed in the attached document will be under the guidelines set forth by the ministry of health and subject to the Purple Tag.

We kindly ask you to read and learn these guidelines carefully, as this is the only way we can operate the club.

The tee time system will be opened on Friday at 8:00 AM. We ask you to register according to the attached guidelines

The clubs management
Procedural Guidelines at Caesarea Golf Club Complex In accordance with Health Ministry directives during the Coronavirus Emergency
The purpose of these guidelines is to allow all members to play under the guidelines set forth by the ministry of health under the "Purple Tag" while protecting the health of all members and staff in the Club complex. As a rule, we will operate under the "Purple Tag" guidelines. Observe social distancing and do not congregate. You must act in accordance with the guidelines provided in this document. You must exercise extreme caution!
These guidelines apply to and obligate anyone who comes to the Club complex and is interested in playing on the golf course. Everyone must adhere precisely and completely to the following guidelines, without any exceptions:
Process for Registering to Play
• Tee Times must be reserved in the computerized system according to the desired playing time. Eagle members will be given priority for reserving a playing time in accordance with the terms of their membership. (The Club staff will fulfill their request for preference.)
• The Club is acting for the benefit of its members. During the Coronavirus period, the first Tee Time will be advanced to 6:00a.m.
• Due to the need to meet the Ministry of Health's conditions for cleaning and disinfection, the last Tee Time for play is 3:30p.m. The course will be closed at 7:00p.m. to allow for preparation and disinfection for the following day.
• In case a member will not arrive at the reserved time for play, cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance to allow additional members to play.
Do not come to the Club without a Tee Time. A player arriving without a Tee Time will not be able to join someone else to play.
• Make sure to arrive at the Club in your private vehicle and in accordance with the Ministry of Health regulations (number of people in a vehicle at one time).
• You should arrive at the Club's parking lot near the time that you tee off – no more than 15 minutes in advance. The Club has established a special entry point from the parking lot that is located near the upper lot. Players must pass through the exclusive entry point to the golf complex.
• After parking your vehicle, twosomes are allowed to approach the registration point while maintaining a distance of two meters from each other and from the registration point. They will receive antiseptic cloths, pencil and scorecard. Measurement of a player's temperature is mandatory before entering the Club.
• In the event that a player is found to have a fever (above 37.6 degrees) he / she must leave the premises immediately. If that player has arrived in a vehicle with another player, both players must leave, and must follow Health Ministry directives for cases of this type.
• The next twosome must wait near their vehicle(s) or at a safe distance until the preceding pair has been processed. They may approach the registration point only after they have been called by the official representative.
• After completion of registration, players who did not arrive with equipment from home must collect their equipment from their lockers. The players will immediately move to Position #2, located on the Members Service (vehicles) plaza, where another representative will receive them.
• Players should proceed directly from Position # 2 to the First Tee and begin to play without delay. The following people may be contacted regarding any questions or problems that arise during the game: Boaz Segev (Head Professional) - 052-556-5232; Penny Halfon (Starter) - 054-220-0549; Shmulik Feutran / Guy Topaz (Marshals) - 050-317-9352 / 054-800-4814.
• Until a new guideline is promulgated, play is limited to twosomes ("capsules" as defined by the Ministry of Health), with a twosome proceeding to the First Tee every 5 minutes in accordance with the instructions set out later in this document. Do not tee off from the Tenth Tee!
The Putting Green, Driving Range, and all training facilities are closed. Use of these areas is prohibited until a new announcement is made.
• Power carts will be provided only to members who have booked a cart at least 24 hours prior to the time of their match and pre-paid by means of a credit card. Call Nicole (054-447-2356) or Hadas (054-220-0671) to reserve a cart.
• A power cart may be used only by a single player during a game. 
Playing on the Course
• The Eagle Room is closed. No entry or congregating is allowed!
• The Club staff will be equipped with walkie-talkies to assure time separations between twosomes. In order not to delay other players, it is important to move quickly to the First Tee.
• Play as quickly as possible and without breaks until the game is over.
• Players should keep at least two meters away from each other throughout the game.
• Do not approach the twosome in front of you in any manner.
Use of power carts is restricted to a single player in the vehicle, with only his or her personal equipment. No equipment may be transferred from one player to another. Don't put your partner's bag on the cart even once!
Flags should not be touched at all during the game.
• The ball should be removed from the hole with minimum contact with the flag and / or the rim of the cup.
• Treatment of bunkers until a new message is sent: No rakes are to be used, and no rakes will be found near the bunkers. Under a new local rule that has been established, a ball in a bunker may be moved a distance of up to one club length in order to obtain a fair lie. When leaving the bunker, use your foot to smooth the sand as much as possible.
• The HWH and Deck near the Eighteenth Green will be open for TAKEAWAY only. Seating is prohibited at this time. When buying food at the HWH, take the food / drink and proceed directly to the Tenth Tee.
Completion of the Game
• The Club's structure - including locker-room, restaurant, cafe and spa - is closed until further notice.
• Upon completion of the game, players should depart the Club area as quickly as possible.
• Do not congregate and wait for other members who are on the course or in the Club grounds. Leave the complex as soon as the game is over.
**These guidelines are set to add to and not subtract from the guidelines set forth by the ministry of health for the entire population
We request that you adhere strictly to the guidelines for your health and the health of us all. Please note that any deviation from the procedural guidelines will make it impossible for the Club to continue operating.
We will periodically review the Ministry of Health guidelines and update these procedures accordingly.
We missed you. We are happy to be serving you once again at the golf Club, and wish everyone an enjoyable game. Most importantly, let's keep us all healthy.
We wish everyone good health,
Club Staff