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Diane Lemasters will be taking photos of club members and their pets. Details are below in From the Board

Lois Breaux and Louise Trahan played in the Beaumont 499er in August and scored 61.81% on Thursday morning, earning first overall in that game, and 54.86%, earning first in B that afternoon!

Dave and Diane Lemasters earned 3.38 gold points in the Dallas Labor Day Regional in Richardson, Texas.

Congratulations, all!

The Games We Play

We are playing International Fund games on September 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. These games support ACBL’s international activities such as the Bermuda Bowl described in Trivia, below. Another example is the recent World Youth Open Championships in Opatija, Croatia.

We are playing Club Championship games on September 16, 17, 18, 20, and 21. A club is allowed to offer these games once a quarter; these games are taking place in our third quarter so we’ll have them one more time this year. The Board left the last week of September void of special games because a number of us will be playing in Beaumont’s Gusher Regional.
The Bermuda Bowl is a biennial contract bridge world championship for national teams. It is played every odd-numbered year under the auspices of the World Bridge Federation. Despite the name, it is not played in Bermuda every year. In fact the 2019 contest will be held in Wuhan, China. The name comes from the original location of the game when begun in 1950. Let’s go!!
Source: Wikipedia


The Big Question

So, the Bermuda Bowl is under the auspices of the World Bridge Federation. What’s that??

The World Bridge Federation (WBF) is the international governing body of contract bridge. The WBF is responsible for world championship competitions, one of which is the Bermuda Bowl.

And what’s that got to do with the ACBL?? The ACBL belongs to the United States Bridge Federation (USBF), the national federation for contract bridge in the United States. The USBF is one of 123 national organizations that belong to the WBF. Got that?
At present there are 700,000 affiliated members and YOU are among them!
Source: Wikipedia

Coming Up

  • Beaumont Gusher Regional, MCM Elegante’ Hotel, September 23-29
  • Cotton Country Sectional, Monroe, The Bridge Center, October 3-5
  • Fleur de Lis 499er NLM, Acadiana Club, Lafayette, October 24-26
  • Galveston Fall Sectional, Moody Gardens Spa and Convention Center, November 1-3
  • STaC, District 10, December 16-22
Flyers for these and others may be found online at; select the Tournament tab and follow the link to Calendar and Results.

From the Board

Pet Photos
Diane Lemasters is beginning to work on our annual Yearbook, and this year she wants to feature our pets. She will take portraits of pets, together with their owners, at the club on an announced Thursday, or in your home. If you already have a photo you may submit it to

The Unit Fundraiser that was to be held in Alexandria has been canceled. Susan Menache, owner of the Ace Bridge Club, has requested that her fundraiser be cancelled on November 2nd and rescheduled sometime in 2020.

Split the Pot
Remember Split the Pot at the August tournament? The Board has decided to offer Split the Pot monthly. Here’s how it works. A sign-up sheet for the September Split the Pot is placed on the long table. If you want to buy a ticket(s) write your name and the number of tickets you wish to buy on the sign-up. At the end of the month (about September 27), we will start selling the actual tickets, which are $2 for one and $5 for three. Because a number of us are going to the Beaumont Regional, we may not draw for the pot until about October 2. The winner will get half the pot and the club will get the other half.
Bronze Life Master
So, you know Jimmy Boerman became a Life Master at our tournament in August, but did you know he also became a Bronze Life Master at the same time? That rank requires 500 masterpoints. See page 72 of the latest Bridge Bulletin. And don’t forget about Jimmy’s Life Master party, date to be announced later.

Vocabulary Lesson:

Biff is slang for ruffing the led suit, particularly a winning card on an early lead. Example: "I biffed his Ace." It also means to punch someone with your fist, but that’s not a bridge term (at least we hope not).

Definition Source: and Jeff Goldsmith’s Glossary of Bridge Terms at http://www.jeff-

Card Superstitions

Playing on an uncovered surface: Superstition has it that if you play cards on a bare table you’ll have bad luck. Our bridge tables ARE bare, so here’s a new excuse for playing badly.


More Tips from Eddie Kantar

When two possible defenses present themselves to defeat a contract, both equally likely, select the simpler.  (Unless you are looking to make an appearance in a newspaper column.)
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