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Although we typically use our Roundup to look back and reflect on the news and lessons from the month that was, today, we are all about looking forward and moving forward, because we think (hope) there's so much ahead for us all!

While we try to appreciate every new day (and each moment) as a jumping off point for new and better, the first day of a new year symbolizes hope, renewal, and opportunity. 

Personal Development

This is the year to actually keep the promises we make to ourselves. Rather than setting grandiose resolutions to do things completely different starting tomorrow (and then abandon for a justified reason, or no reason at all), set more attainable goals that build momentum for you.

The key? Focusing on cultivating consistent and ever-evolving best practices that will grow with you for the years to come.

Professional Development

Whether you've started a business or are considering it, making mistakes and learning from them is inevitably part of the process. After years of working with so many entrepreneurs and brands one-on-one, we can often predict many of the challenges one faces launching and growing a business. Always wanting to make a difference, share generously, and save people time and money, we have shared our efficiencies, formulas and perspective, along with tactical and practical advice all in one place – get The Borden Workbook and build a foundation for yourself so that you can forge forward... your purposeful work should cultivate goodness and enliven and encourage you on an ongoing basis in a meaningful way, realizing your own success.

Extra links for the entrepreneur: Push yourself forward with compassion and focus on the things that really matter to you

Eat Better

But how do we eat better? There are SO many contradictory protocols, diets, programs and opinions - from friends and family and professionals, in real life and online! We talk a lot about food around here (because we believe we vote every time we purchase and eat, and because we have so many clients in food and drink). We try to keep our food choices (and advice) pretty simple - eat what makes us feel and function our best, and was grown and made with love and kindness to as many as possible. Rather than labels, we're all about making own food rules. These are Lisa's.

If you plan to eat food in 2019, check out the food and drink trends we think are here to stay and are gaining popularity every day, and then try some (or all) of them... starting this new year off well!

Shop Smarter

While we each might desire to be more responsible global citizens, it can sometimes be hard to understand our personal impact in the bigger picture. "Does what I do really make a difference?" YES. Every single time you tap your credit card or checkout online, you are making a choice that impacts others and our greater world. Let’s question everything we purchase and create our own rules on our own terms based on what feels right to us.

Read this before you shop for new clothes.

Read this before your next trip to the grocery store.

Browse our favourite things on the Borden Big List.

What's coming next?

If you find yourself fearing the future and what's ahead and unknown, bring it back to the present and what you can control now, then enjoy where you are and take healthy steps forward. 

Good ideas spread through a groundswell of support. Please share this email with a friend who would appreciate it too. If you want more links and resources, we have many, you can start by reading our "unblog" or The Borden Big List or following Lisa on social media (links are right at the top of the page)! 

Thanks for allowing us into your inbox.

Wishing you a healthy start to every way,
Lisa, Megan, and Rob (The Borden Team)

Do you know about all of our special projects?

THE BORDEN WORKBOOK: Part business book, part self-help book that provides you with the tactical and practical advice, efficiencies, formulas and perspective you need.
THE BORDEN BIG LIST: A resource of big (and micro) lists of our favourite things!
TALE OF KALE: Lisa's children's book, based on a real story and a real kid, meant to encourage good eating habits, and develop excitement for trying new things. 
THE BORDEN FORMULA: How to get online (and proud) with a simple branded website within the hour.
ALPHABET OF AVOIDANCE: A through Z, simple things to avoid to save you time, money, your health, and maybe even our world. 

TAKEOUT WITHOUT: A campaign to end restaurant waste, helping you to fill your stomach, not the landfill.
ORB CANDLES: 100% Pure Canadian Beeswax Shabbat Candles
100% Certified Organic Wool Dryer Balls
NO NUTS PLEASE: Spreading knowledge, opening dialogue and creating allergy awareness!
BORDEN SNAPS: A solution to keeping you and your business protected and compliant online whenever you post photos and send emails.


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