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DogeCon, Villa Illumina, AnarchaPortugal
and CAMP DΞCENTRAL at Burning Man 2018!

>>> A quick roundup of the most CRUCIAL events this Summer and your LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER TO SPEAK AT CAMP DECENTRAL AT BURNING MAN!

DOGECON 2018 - Vancouver, BC June 21-24:

DogeCon is a weekend celebration of the SOCIAL layer of crypto culture and an event truly unlike anything seen before! This "Year of the Doge" extravaganza will feature a broad range of intensely participatory experiences from carefree and whimsical to deep dialectical dialogues...

All jokes aside, this is sure to be a seminal moment in Decentralization history. Intellectually, Physically, and Metaphysically, we will tear the roof off all ethereal "limitations" and actualize the most intense instantiation of Doge Consciousness to ever grace the noosphere. DO NOT MISS OUT!


Villa Illumina - Mykonos, Greece July 16-20

A CryptoConsciousness symposium steeped in the style of the ancient Greek philosophers, Villa Illumina will be set in a stunning villa with breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.

Within this intimate setting, the relationship between blockchain, Decentralization and the current shift in Consciousness will be thoroughly explored. How can we use these tools for educational, environmental and humanitarian applications, and what are their implications on conscious evolution and human development?


AnarchaPortugal - Porto, Portugal July 19-20

Anarchaportugal will curate the most liberated minds in blockchain technology, economics, governance philosophy, social sciences, machine learning, science fiction, consciousness and biohacking. Blend in artists, developers, wellness experts, students and designers as we chart the course of the economic and thought re-evolution!

We will cross-pollinates communities in tech, philosophy, art, education and wellness to discuss what these changes mean for communities across Portugal, Europe and the World. Providing the space to nurture these connections will empower leadership, connect the dots and transmute events into movements and vehicles for liberation!

The two-day event features more than 25 speakers, interactive workshops, dozens of exhibitions, live painting and art installments, exclusive networking events and Decentralized Dance Parties!


CAMP DΞCENTRAL At Burning Man - August 25-September 3rd

CAMP DΞCENTRAL was a runaway success in 2017 and we're coming back for more- Bigger and Better! Once again, we're hosting a "Dialogues On Decentralization" speaker's series and YOU are invited to attend or present.


This is your last chance to submit interest to speak and have it published in the main BM schedule. CLICK THIS GOOGLE DOC LINK and fill out your info ASAP!

Please share this with all who might also wish to speak / present. You don’t have to be camping with us to speak!

Further details can be beheld at: www.CampDecentral.Com
And on The Official CAMP DΞCENTRAL Facebook Group.

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