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May 23, 2017   
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America Now "Less Great"...
According to Ernst & Young Index
  • Each year E&Y produces their Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index, or RECAI for short. (Just rolls of the tongue, doesn't it?) Last year, the U.S. ranked #1. This year, we fell to #3 behind China and India. One big reason: Concerns about federal policy changes. Oh well, no big deal: It's not like the world is projected to invest trillions of dollars in this growing sector in the coming years. (Page 10 of the report shows the full rankings.) Learn more.
Solar Explosion:
3,000 GW by 2035?
  • These eye-popping numbers were part of the data-rich keynote last week by GTM. One way to reach that goal, per DOE, is to get panel costs below 30 c/watt, reduce balance-of-system costs by 30 c/watt, underwrite to 50-year project lifetimes, and see annual degradation at just 0.2%. This link shows other awesome graphs that you also gotta see. Learn more.
Lithium and Cobalt Prices Soar:
Are EV Costs to Follow?
  • Cobalt prices are up almost 2x since the beginning of the year -- an eight-year high. Lithium prices are up about 3x compared to two years ago. So, are EV prices also likely to rise accordingly? Doubtful. Both precious metals should cost less than $500 per EV, with about 10 kg each.  Learn more.
No Need to Stop and Charge Your EV:
Just Stay Below 60 mph While Juicing Up 
  • Surveys continue to show that about 70% of consumers list EV charging as a barrier to purchasing and convenience. This will be less of a worry in the future. Here's another reason: Dynamic wireless electric vehicle charging (DEVC), which allows vehicles to charge while driving, has just been demonstrated live, at 60 mph, through a partnership among Renault, Qualcomm, and Vedecom. Video here: Learn more.
Become An Ultra-Athlete in 6 Months:
And Raise $1M for a Good Cause
  • That's what an SAP executive is doing to raise money to support solutions to lung cancer. While once just a weekend cyclist, he embarks in August on a 50-day, 3,400-mile journey across the U.S. (Uh, wow. Maybe I should step up my "giving back" endeavors.) In this article, he talks about food, training, and his support team: Learn more.

Judging Your Daily Effectiveness:
4-Question Ritual
  • Most of us (45% according to one survey) work outside of normal business hours. Perhaps one reason is that we feel we didn't get enough done. Or maybe (gasp!) we are actually not efficient with our time. Here are four questions to help us on that long, winding road to getting the right things done, in less time. Learn more.
  1. What went well today?
  2. What can I do better tomorrow?
  3. What is the first thing I'll do tomorrow morning?
  4. Who should I fire so they get out of my @%#* way? (Just kidding.)
  5. What was the favorite part of my day? 
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