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June 6, 2017   
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California = The Future?
New 100% Target by 2045
  • Last week, their Senate passed a measure to mandate that 100% of the state be powered by renewable energy by 2045. It goes to the State Assembly now. For context, they obtained 27% of their power from renewables last year, and their current target is 50% by 2030. It's just getting so much easier that they are upping their game. In related news, the Governor may link the state's carbon markets to those in Asia as the U.S. sticks its head in the sand. Learn more.
Investor Disclosure on Climate Change:
World's Biggest Investors Care
  • State Street and BlackRock, together managing over $7T in assets, are among the roughly 70% of surveyed institutional investors and fund managers stating that "climate risk issues should be addressed in disclosures with as much seriousness and clarity as companies address any other financial issue." Note: This is not about granolas who love backpacking and SRI funds. But instead about mainstream investors managing risks. (Though both are worthwhile.) Learn more.
Oh, That Pope:
EVs and 100% Carbon Free
  • Few professionals can argue the merits of business decisions purely on the basis of ethical imperatives. (Sigh...) Thankfully, the Pope is excluded. Piggybacking on his 184-page Encyclical on Climate Change (2015), he has plans to make Vatican City the first carbon-free country in the world (albeit not the largest). To that end, carmarker Opel, in a fabulous photo-op, recently donated an EV for his personal use. What a dude... Learn more.
Concerns about Cobalt Supply:
EVs vs. Human Rights
  • The battery industry uses 42% of global cobalt supplies. Yet 50% of the supplies come from Congo (DRC), where reports include "child workers in appalling conditions." To address these concerns, NGOs are not alone. Two pure-play US companies have launched to mine cobalt here more responsibly. And technology will also play a role in the years ahead: Fujitsu has recently created a lithium iron pyrophosphate battery that could reduce the storage sector's demand for cobalt. Learn more.
Do Less:
But the Right Things Do
  • Note: This portion of the newsletter is brought to you by Yoda, Zen, and Gary Kelly from The One Thing. As you look at your weekly calendars, here's a great quote to chew on: "The majority of what you want will come from the minority of what you do." But what do you cut? And what do you keep? Learn more.

Andre the Giant:
500 Pounds of Pain
  • I'm not sure about you, but as a kid, I was in awe of the professional wrestler, Andre the Giant. At 7-feet tall and over 500 pounds, he was (is) a legend. This article discusses 10 wild facts about his life. As examples, he used to move friends' cars around (with his muscles, not keys) when they went out drinking just to mess with them. He could drink 100 of beers without being impaired. And he lived right here in North Carolina, in a home with a tree growing through all three stories. 
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