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January 9, 2018   
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  • As 2018 kicks off, consider thinking beyond New Years resolutions. Instead, what goals will you kill?
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Chris Wedding, PhD
Managing Partner, IronOak Energy Capital

M&A Summary for 2017
Corporate Investment in Advanced Energy:
Who Bought? Who Got Bought?
  • If you have relatives or peers from red states who think that clean energy is for hemp-eating, patchouli-smelling, orca-loving hippies, then you should send them this GTM article and ask if multi-billion-dollar companies like Enel, Centrica, BP, Shell, Total, AES, Mitsui, and Engie fit into that same derided bucket. (Nope, I don't have any past issues at all like this.) It's companies like these that spent billions of dollars buying clean energy and sustainable technology companies last year because they see the writing on the wall. (Wait, what does it say?) 

Artificial Intelligence
AI for Earth:

Microsoft Commits $50M
  • Greenbiz summarizes well the intent behind Microsoft's new "AI for Earth" initiative. -- '"AI is helping us drive and navigate the streets better and identify faces on social media, but 'there's not a galvanizing force to direct those same AI technologies at critical sustainability problems,'" said Josh Henretig, senior director of environmental sustainability at Microsoft. (Hallelujah. Tech realizes there are bigger problems to solve than crushing candy.) The program provides access to cloud computing, education around AI, and grants for innovative solutions.
Mega Trends for 2018:
9 Advances That Will Change the World (cue scary music)
  • Forbes has just summarized 9 mega trends that could gain traction this year. You've heard of most of them, but what will you do about them? How will they change your customer strategy? Your investment strategy? Your strategy for completing that off-grid bunker in the backyard?
Biggest Map of 16th Century World:
Now Viewable in Google Earth
  • Made of 60 hand-drawn sheets, it was the largest known early map in the world. Dating to 1587, the 10' x 10' masterpiece also highlights information on weather, world leaders, and significant countries and places. It's a good reminder that our understanding of the world is always far from accurate, despite the limitations of current knowledge that compel us towards excessive confidence in our views. You can download the 3D image via Google Earth or see it through Apple’s augmented reality app AR Globe. Thanks to Co.Design for creating it, and for the news bit.
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