Quality of life for All Newsletter #1
"Adults with severe disabilities are above all just people like us"
What is Quality of Life for All (QoL4ALL)?
QoL4ALL is an Erasmus + project that aims to improve the skills of adult education professionals working with people with profound and severe disabilities in the promotion of their quality of life.

QoL4All has been developed from the idea that no matter our condition or situation we all have the right to have quality of life. Being aware and respecting the rights and ethical dilemmas of people with severe disabilities is crucial for staff members, carers and family members to contribute to their quality of life.

QoL4ALL will analyse for, a period of two years, successful practices in the European Union regarding the quality of life of adults with severe and profound disabilities. It will promote the qualification and professionalism of service providers in the quality of life of these target group. The project will also aim at increasing the offer of intervention programs in adult education in regard to the promotion of their quality of life.
Project Consortium
Led by the Cerebral Palsy Portuguese Association of Faro (APPC Faro) as project coordinator, the consortium of the project is composed by: the European Platform for Rehabilitation (Brussels, Belgium), Josefsheim gGmbH (Olsberg, Germany), Istituto Don Calabria (Verona, Italy) and Centro San Rafael – Fundación San Francisco de Borja (Alicante, Spain).
What is quality of life for people with severe disabilities?
Given the evolution of the concept of disability over the last decades, based on the principle of inclusive education and with the ratification of the United Nations International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a new perspective is inherent with this population, implying a greater dignification of their quality of life and a greater commitment to a theoretical / practical framework of reference that is adequate to the fulfillment of the values of citizenship and inclusion of these citizens as full members of the society they live in.

The concept of quality of life is used universally to evaluate the results of policies, practices and personal evolutions. In 2002, Schalock and Verdugo described quality of life as a desired state of personal well-being that: (a) is multidimensional; (b) has universal properties and properties related to culture; (c) has objective and subjective components; and (d) is influenced by personal characteristics and environmental factors.

Education focusing on the quality of life of people with disabilities refers to a system of multidimensional and multidisciplinary nature that respects diversity, individuality and development, aiming at a culture of cooperation and collaboration problem solving, maximizing the potential of each individual with disability and providing an improvement in the educational response.

People with severe and profound disabilities may have marked limitations in their body functions and structures (by reference to the ICF, the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) putting at risk their development, leading them to experience serious difficulties in the process of learning and participation in the various contexts in which they are inserted.
What are the QoL4ALL Objectives?

The main horizontal objectives of Qol4ALL are social inclusion and adult education. This project intends to develop an education program to promote the quality of life of adults with severe and profound disabilities, defining strategies to be implemented with these people and their families, as well as identifying areas of training for employees and guidelines of organisational policies and practices. The aim is to improve the quality of the intervention through credible and sustainable practices based on a logical model that aligns the different levels of the systems (micro, meso and macro) and which is based on the most recent international scientific guidelines on quality of life and disability, based on the principles established by international experts on this field.

The priorities of the project at national level are:

  • development of teaching / learning resources;
  • training of adults, teachers, psychologists and technicians;
  • development of tools to disseminate good practices.

Our target groups are: clients, professionals, managers and stakeholders of education centers for adults with severe and profound disabilities or similar organizations; researchers from a research center on education for the quality of life of people with disabilities; persons concerned with the quality of life of people with disabilities; and policy makers.

What are the deliverables?
Our project will:
- Identify and guide to good practices and successful experiences developed by partner entities in terms of adequacy, quality, force and relevance for improving the quality of life of adults with severe and profound disabilities.
- Design an education program aimed at professionals working in the field of education and quality of life of adults with severe and profound disabilities.
- Define of measures to be implemented among adults with severe and profound disabilities.
- Evaluation of the impact, quality and effectiveness of the program.

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