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Dearest artists & colleagues, 

The current Corona pandemic has driven artists to connect and communicate online even more than before. With climate change in mind and less traveling, we can continue to benefit from the digital age after these times. Not (only) as an alternative to the live experience, but as a positive potential. With a fixed group of makers and experts you will work intensively for two days. This online atelier offers a hands-on toolbox with new perspectives on online communication and creation. A collaboration between Dansmakers Amsterdam and European Dancehouse Network, with the aim to contribute to the building of sustainable artistic practices.
Two days online atelier about how to communicate [about] your work online.
WHEN: Thu 11.06 & Fri 12.06 2020
WHAT: Two day online atelier with talks, sharings & film crash course
SIGN UP: via google form 
Rsvp. before June 2nd
PRICE: €10,- a donation is encouraged
SPECS: Daily a morning and afternoon session of each +- 2.5 hours via Zoom. For choreographers and other performing artists (programmers, communiction staff members and directors of dance organizations are also most welcome). For the crash course you need a computer and a good wifi connection. A camera or smartphone for the film crah course (make sure you have enough space) and editing software, preferably on a computer or laptop.
NOTE: All participants take part in both days, the crash course is for makers only/prior.


A future-proof artistic practice requires learning from other areas, sharing processes and building communities. During this two-day online atelier & crash course we will let frontrunners and professionals talk about and work on the theme 'How to communicate [about] your work'. Each day consists of morning and afternoon sessions of about two and a half hours each where one part of the day consists of several short lectures with Q&A's and break-out sessions. The other part of the day is a hands-on crash course with tips and tricks for making films for the web with simple equipment. The atelier will be moderated by Andrea van Wingerden.
During these two days various facets of online communication will be zoomed in. Building relationships in the virtual world will be discussed, as well as collaborating, promoting and sharing work online. In addition, tools will be provided that contribute to sustainability and artistic development, also after the Corona times. It is by no means our intention to replace the live experience and live communication. We believe in the positive potential for artists to redefine their digital communication. The atelier is a pilot around the theme 'How to communicate [about] your work' and is a collaboration between Dansmakers Amsterdam and European Dancehouse Network. The pilot could be a starting point for a platform or community on a European level.


Morning talks & sharings: max. 50 participants: How to communicate your work online - both pre-recorded work and live streaming will be discussed. With zoom theatre maker Zephyr Brüggen, film director Daphne Lucker and filmmaker and visual artist Rogier van der Zwaag.
Afternoon crash course part one*


Crash course part one & two: max. 20 participants:  A hands-on crash course by Nienke Rooijakkers and Camiel Zwart of Cinedans festival: Tips and tricks for making films for the web with simple equipment.


Morning crash course part two*
Afternoon talks & sharing: max. 50 participants:
How to communicate online about your work with a focus on building and maintaining relationships with audiences, programmers and co-creators. The promotion and monetization of the work will also be discussed. With programmer Roberto Casarotto, Marcus Cohen & Guido Janssen from the Institute for Digital Archiving (DEN) and PhD and communication expert Sofie Marin from Sweden.
Note: All participants take part in both days, the crash-course is for makers only/prior. 
Top: Sisters - Daphne Lucker / Rogier van der Zwaag // Under: Woyceck - Zephyr Brüggen / Rogier van der Zwaag


Creating for Film/registration
Dancing with a Camera - Daphne Lucker

How to tell as story with a body and a camera that is more than a registration of a choreography? Daphne Lucker will show you how she likes to make dance films, what film-tools she uses and how she works and communicates with the choreographer as a non dancer. With her dance-film ‘SISTERS’ she will illustrate her creative process and the choices she makes considering shots, mise en scene, sound and editing.

Daphne Lucker (1994, NL) is an Amsterdam based director and photographer. She currently studies at the Academy for Photography. In 2018 she graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy with the short dance-film SISTERS which won several national and international prizes. Her work has a poetic, theatrical and physical emphasis. The stories often take place within the family circle where she searches for visually interesting ways to externalize the inner struggles of the characters. She is working on a new film Saturn Return for the series The Street for the NTR, BNNVARA and VPRO television.

Creating for Web – Rogier van der Zwaag / Halal film productions

Since a few years, filmmaker and visual artist Rogier van der Zwaag not (only) shares the finished product, but also his workflow, process and film experiments with the audience through his Instagram channel. This not only changed his way of working, but this opened a new fun way to share his work. In this talk he focuses on getting familiar with the medium by trying and experimenting.

As his experiments accelerate, they take over his studio and his life. Props pile up, hard disks become overloaded and showers become a distant memory. Yet all this is forgotten when he lets go of his creations, while time, form and perspective are turned inside out to dance across our screens.

Rogier van der Zwaag is based in Amsterdam. He studied Image and Media Technology at the Utrecht School of the Arts, where he experimented with film, animation and photography. He is interested in abstraction, creating small universes.

Creating for Livestream
Zephyr Brüggen about Zoom Theatre Show Woyzeck

The digital Zoom show 'Woyzeck, een waanvoorstelling’ was developed by eight theatre makers who were quarantined during the corona pandemic. Woyzeck (after Georg Büchner's play from 1836) tells the story of a poor soldier at the mercy of a cruel medical experiment and suffering delusions. The actors played in their own room in front of the all-seeing eye of their computer, the audience watched live via Zoom. With virtual backgrounds, effects of multiplications, and a live montage, his delusions were created and a digital panopticon was created where everyone is watching and being watched.

Zephyr Brüggen (1994) will graduate next year as a director at the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance. She makes 'tentacular theatre' that turns its tentacles around every corner of a philosophical question, and tries to reduce it to a poetic essence on stage. She works on the basis of the principles of transparency on the one hand and magic on the other: everything must be visible and transparent on stage, and from there a moment of magic can arise in which you no longer understand what you see.


Building and Sharing Your Portfolio

Marcus Cohen & Guido Janssen
Dutch national knowledge institute for culture & digitalization - DEN
Cultural institutions perform a unique role in telling stories, reflecting on complex situations and helping us understand society around us. With the rise of digital transformation, cultural organizations and artists are faced with new questions as well as new opportunities. DEN enables them to take advantage of the possibilities offered by digitalization. In the presentation Marcus & Guido will address various uses of archival materials and come up with user propositions to make better use of digital content. They will focus on how to better organize your archive and zoom in on possible user needs.  
Marcus Cohen is senior consultant at DEN, the Dutch national knowledge institute for culture & digitalization. Together with cultural institutions DEN is working on projects to explore the ways in which digitalisation can contribute to increasing the social relevance of their work. The knowledge we are gathering in the process is shared in the broadest possible sense and, whenever feasible, translated into concrete tools and guidelines.  

Guido Jansen works for SPRING Performing Arts Festival as the coordinator for the international program. At present Guido is DEN’s project leader of an on the job course in archiving and digitalisation for the performing arts. In this DEN course performing arts companies are coached in making an inventory of all their archives and working materials. In order to improve their archives and develop a digital strategy and make better use of born digital content and archival materials. 

Monetizing Online – Sofie Marin 

Sofie Marin (SE) is the founder/CEO of From Sweden Productions, a leading promoter within arts, culture and entertainment. She specializes in digital marketing, business development and entrepreneurial growth to help creatives stand out, scale up and make a difference. Sofie is the chair of ballet company Stockholm 59° North and founder/mentor of Arts Dynamics Entrepreneur Mastermind, which opened online in May 2020. /

In this talk, Sofie Marin shares how you as an artist can make money online in a way that complements your artistic business post covid-19. You will learn what kind of products and services to create, how to market them in a way that brings in recurring revenue streams and how to nurture your audiences to keep them coming back for more. 

Networking online - Roberto Casarotto

In time of physical isolation and distancing how can we develop dialogues and collaborations to stay artistically and socially connected? how can we co-imagine approaches and practices for the digital space?

Roberto Casarotto is a Dance activist. He studied at the London Contemporary Dance School and Economics at Cà Foscari University in Venice. He is responsible for the dance programs for the CSC and Operaestate Festival in Bassano del Grappa. Associate Director of Aerowaves, and board of the European Dancehouse Network, he is a member of the International Dance Council CID-UNESCO.



Filming Dance for Web – Nienke Rooijakkers, Camiel Zwart

In these times of Corona we cannot present ourselves live. But we certainly haven't disappeared off the face of the earth. How do you present yourself online? What opportunities does the virtual platform offer?
Together with Cinedans LAB, research and education department of the Amsterdam international dance film festival Cinedans, we organize the online steam course Dance&Camera for dance makers.  What is the difference between registration and dance film and how do you use camera and editing in both cases? And how do you keep your audience involved?
In a two-day workshops, we go over the basics of camera handling, editing, sound and preparation for a shoot, include some simple assignments to do at home and give feedback on your work. We offer tips and tools to make your own films for the web with simple equipment for maximum impact. Day one is an introduction to dance film, camera use and pre-production. Linked to that, an assignment follows. On day two the assignment will be discussed. In addition, editing and sound will be discussed.

Responsible for the workshop are Nienke Rooijakkers, dance dramaturge and education manager Cinedans, and Camiel Zwart, (dance) filmmaker and film producer. Both worked out an online workshop that has already been successfully carried out for various Dutch dance schools.
The only things you need are:
- A computer and a good wifi connection
- A camera or smartphone (make sure you have enough space)
- Editing software, preferably on a computer or laptop

Moderated by Andrea van Wingerden

Andrea van Wingerden works freelance on talent development and young leadership in performing arts. She was director of Festival Cement & Cement Productions for seven years. She is the founder and leader of a learning network for young business managers in the arts, called the Metselarij. She works as project manager, advisor and coach and strongly encourages the power and potential of a new generation.




11:00 – 13:30
Morning talks & sharings
Creating for Film/registration – Daphne Lucker + Q&A
Creating for Web – Rogier van der Zwaag
Creating for Livestream – Zephyr Brüggen
Three break-out sessions – moderated by Daphne, Rogier van der Zwaag, Zephyr Brüggen
Joint closure
14:00 – 16:30
Crash Course part one (20 participants)
Filming Dance for Web – Nienke Rooijakkers, Camiel Zwart

FRIDAY 12.06

11:00 – 13:30
Crash Course part two (20 participants)
Filming Dance for Web – Nienke Rooijakkers, Camiel Zwart
14:00 – 16:30
Aternoon talks & sharings
Digital Archiving + Q&A – Marcus Cohen & Guido Janssen, DEN
Monetizing Online + Q&A  – Sofie Marin
Networking Online + Q&A – Roberto Casarotto
Building and Sharing your Portfolio Digital – Marcus Cohen & Guido Janssen , DEN
Joint closure
*specific time-schedule will be communicated after registration


Program curated by: Suzy Blok/Dansmakers Amsterdam
Moderator: Andrea van Wingerden
Facilitators: Evelien van de Sanden, Lara van Lookeren
Production: Evelien van de Sanden/Dansmakers Amsterdam in collaboration with European Dancehouse Network
Communication: Ruth Verraes
Special thanks to DEN and Dutch Culture
Copyright © 2021 Dansmakers, All rights reserved.

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