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Hello Members,

We have some exciting news for you that will improve the funding and access to a resource many have been utilizing to this point in time, and I'm sure many will benefit from in the future. In short, FSEAP will now cover services at WGM, scroll down for details, below is some of the background.

As you know the Peer Support Team led by Dawn Lucey has established and maintained a working relationship with a Psychological Services Firm: WGM Psychology. Through this relationship we have gained the ability to refer members through the Peer Support Team to WGM who specializes in Trauma in First Responders getting them access to the mental health resources needed within 24hours of coming to a Peer Support member for help.

While all City employees have $500 individual coverage for psychological services through Manulife, a course of treatment is likely to exceed this value quite quickly. Following discussions in Labour Management, along with pressure from Dawn and the Peer Support Team; FSEAP (the company who administers our employee assistance program) will now provide 5 visits of coverage. More may be requested from FSEAP by the treating practitioner. 

There are a few  steps to follow, which are outlined below. This process as we understand it can be initiated even after accessing WGM services via a Peer Support Team referral. So after being referred and getting in the door quickly through Peer Support, following the steps below will allow you to continue treatment with the same practitioner under the coverage of the FSEAP. Remember that FSEAP is there for family as well as employees, so if a dependant or partner is also seeking treatment, making the request of FSEAP may result in receiving additional coverage.

We hope this helps those who need it through the holiday season.

In Solidarity,

Matt Elgie | President
M: 403.619.4908
E: matt.elgie@airdriefirefighters.com
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Airdrie Professional Firefighters Association

FSEAP Coverage Process provided by AFD:
For individuals to access WGM they must call FSEAP Alberta (1-800-661-8246)
  • They should indicate to the Intake worker that they are a first responder seeking counselling services
  • This will inform the Intake worker to make a referral to WGM
  • Once the referral is sent, WGM will accept the referral and contact the employee directly to arrange the first appointment
  • WGM will notify FSEAP of the first appointment date
  • If FSEAP does not receive an appointment date from WGM, FSEAP will follow up to ensure an appointment has been made and individuals are not left waiting
  • WGM therapist and the client directly arrange their own appointments
  • On completion of counselling, WGM notifies FSEAP that the file is closed
  • Should an employee decides they want to commence counselling at a future point in time they must call FSEAP again and restart a new claim
  • Should someone call FSEAP and all lines are busy, they can leave a message (and their message will be returned within an hour or so) or press 3 to  speak to a counsellor over the phone 
  • Individuals have the option to utilize FSEAP resources other than WGM and they can indicate that to the intake worker at the time they call to request services
By following this process AFD members can access WGM services if they wish and have it covered under FSEAP.  The City has expanded coverage with WGM to 5 sessions.
Shift Coverage Needed for some dates in January...
Don't forget to check up the members side of the website:
Peer Support Contact info: peersupport@airdriefirefighters.com
Phone numbers and individual emails: www.airdriefirefighters.com/peersupport

Health information can be found on our website;
But your 2 primary emergent best points of access to mental health assistance outside of 9-1-1 are:
  1. We have established a relationship with  WGM Psychology (located in Calgary) thanks to support from the Calgary Firefighters Association. WGM will see our members in 24-48hrs from the time we request for you to be seen. To access this resource, you can contact ANY PEER SUPPORT TEAM MEMBER to get yourself an appointment here in 24-48hrs or call in yourself to book for a future date.
  2. Employee Assistance Program (FSEAP) (24/7)  (http://www.fseap.ca)
    1.800.661.8246 - When you call this number, you will get a menu of 3 options - Listen carefully as you will always be able to speak to someone immediately - depending on the time of day which # this is will change.
Option 2 is covered by our benefits, Option 2 is covered through your Manulife benefits for the first $500. FSEAP will cover 5 appointments to start, and the Association will also provide support when all other grants are exhausted. If financing for you or your family is ever a problem in any aspect for this, please speak to a member of your elected Board or the Peer Support Team as we sometimes have access to programs that you may not be aware of.
In addition to those two we also have:

3. Calgary Counselling Centre • 403.691.5991 (24/7)
4. Calgary Distress Centre •  403.266.HELP (4357) (24/7)
5. Diakanos Retreat Society

More info is on our website, and is updated as information changes or new information becomes available.

If you have any questions about managing mental health issues, please reach out to your union delegate or any member of the department who you are comfortable with.
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