May 22, 2020


Fenix is committed to create lights that not only feature the best in lighting technology, but are also built to the highest standards for durability and longevity.

REC Welcomes

Shawn Houston

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  • Want to learn about knife steel?
  • Want to learn what it really takes to get the ultimate edge?
  • Want to see what goes into a handmade blade?
Then set aside some time to get to know our friend and his passions for knife steel metallurgy, freehand sharpening, kitchen knives, Axes, folders, bushcraft, sharpening stones, and knife making!
Slipping Under the Radar,
but in Stock Now!

Spyderco Endela
with the Emerson Wave
Sized to perfectly split the difference between our iconic Delica® 4 and Endura® 4 models, the Endela is rapidly earning a reputation as the perfect compromise. To make this full-service folder even more capable, it is now available with an Emerson Opener – an integral hook on the spine of the blade opens it automatically as it’s drawn.

This high-speed version of the Endela features a saber-ground VG-10 blade, skeletonized stainless steel liners, a sturdy back lock mechanism, and an injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) handle in the distinctive blue-gray color of our Emerson-Opener-equipped knives.

We wanted to get something like this tool in our inventory..... then we discovered that these were made not only in the USA, but right here in our home town, Columbus Ohio!! So we partnered up with Milspin to be able to offer these on our site to our customers! 

 The Covid-Key is manufactured out of 260 Brass Alloy for maximum antimicrobial properties and is designed to reduce contact point surface area by over 99%

Use this ergonomic brass hand-extension to isolate your hands from high-touch surfaces.

  • Open doors, flip switches, pull levers, push buttons, you name it. Protect yourself!
  • The Milspin Covid Key is touch-screen capable.
  • It can even be used to sign credit card machines. 
  • Made in Columbus, Ohio USA
Leatherman Sale!

Featuring the Sidekick & Wingman

Spyderco Canis

A no-nonsense folding knife optimized for personal protection.
  • CPM® S30V® stainless steel blade
  • Wharncliffe-style edge with narrow bevels
  • reinforced tip
  • weight-saving mid-blade swedge
The ergonomic handle features peel-ply-textured carbon fiber/G-10 laminate scales, nested stainless steel liners, a high-strength Compression Lock, and a versatile four-position clip that supports all possible carry options.
Hinderer Vintage Series

"The Ranch"
Harpoon Spanto Maple Handle

The Spanto style grind is very versatile, allowing for a “slicing” style of blade but with a heavier “armored” tip. The “harpoon” style of top line gives it that bad ass look with a bit more meat. This Vintage style first edition is made of 0-1 tool steel and parkerized like firearms and knives of WW2. The handle is made of natural walnut contoured for a comfortable sure grip and finished in a boiled linseed finish 3 times for a lasting durable finish. The leather sheath is handmade by local Amish craftsmen.

The new Ranch Harpoon Spanto is a great looking workhorse of a knife that you will be proud to carry on your belt and hand down through the family!
Summer is coming!
Nature Beckons...

What are
you packing?
Heading into the woods this spring or summer? What's a must carry when nature stops calling and starts yelling at you to hit the great outdoors?

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At REC, we strive to bring you the latest products the industry has to offer. Since 2003, Our professional staff and brick and mortar store means that we are here to personally serve you during our business hours, Monday through Friday 9am-7pm, and Saturday 10am-5pm. Whether you're looking for a powerful flashlight, in the market for an EDC tool, have an interest in wet shaving, need a gift for that special family chef, and of course looking for a knife, we are happy to help you and we appreciate your business!
REC - River's Edge Cutlery is located at:
3975 Trueman Blvd., Hilliard, OH 43026

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 So this one time while visiting San Bernadino, I got an invitation to go shipwreck diving in nearby Soda Lake. Giddy with excitement, this was my first opportunity to dive on one of the world’s greatest shipwrecks, the Black Swan. Sister ship of the Black Pearl, the Black Swan went down in a tropical storm in 1483. Gale force arctic winds pushed the ship onto a reef, taking its crew and an estimated 3.6 tons of golden pyrite to the depths. One of the richest wrecks in the world, its valuable cargo had been extracted from the copious Sweet Home Mine by the ancient Indian Malla people under the cruel tyranny of the Kingdom of Arendelle, colonial superpower.

Approaching nearly 345 feet, I could just make out the wreck. Suddenly, I felt something brush against me. I wheeled about in time to see an immense creature attacking my friends... it was the fabled sea monster known as South Bay Bessie! My SEAL training involuntarily kicked in and screaming at the top of my lungs, the mammoth beast was distracted. As my friends returned to the surface, it circled me menacingly... then charged. Sucked into its cavernous mouth, I fortunately had the presence of mind to grab my Leatherman Sidekick with its Spring-action Needlenose Pliers. No willing Jonah, I wedged it into its gaping maw, saving me from certain disfigurement and possible injury. It was then I saw the immense #4 fishing hook lodged in its jaw and realized the true nature of the violent display. As I was ripped back and forth in the water, I meticulously seized the hook with my Leatherman Needlenose pliers and wrenched it free. Relieved and thankful, this Goliath of the deep gave me a kindly look and disappeared into the abyss.

Free to continue my dive...wait, what...what?

Fine, just forget it.