August 7, 2020

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The SpyOpera is a utilitarian folding knife designed by Italian custom knifemaker “Max” and originally produced by lionSTEEL®. Through an exclusive collaboration with lionSTEEL, the Spyderco SpyOpera takes this sleek design to the next level by adding a fully accessible Trademark Round Hole™ and a pocket clip.

Its full-flat-ground blade is crafted from M390 particle metallurgy stainless steel and supported by a sturdy back lock mechanism. The blade is housed in a handle made with skeletonized full titanium liners, beautifully contoured brown canvas Micarta® scales, and a stainless steel backspacer. The spines of the blade, lock bar, and backspacer are all meticulously crowned, and a deep-pocket wire clip provides rightside, tip-up carry.

More coming next week.
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Individually numbered of 100 produced. Black fish scale with black safety handle, blade is hand compound ground and mirror polished by Mike Irie then DLC Black Coated. All hardware is hand satin finished and DLC Coated.

The TR-3 is one of Protech's most popular knives with law enforcement and military year after year.  Trusted by the most elite military on the planet, the TR-3 is a thoughtfully designed 3.5” blade knife that is slender and easy to carry.  A wide variety of TR-3 variations are offered and each is outfitted with a convenient lanyard hole and pocket clip.

Military Issue – black handle with “Fish Scale” engraved frame, DLC coated black blade, plain edge, featuring a closed safety switch, and extra clip holes for left side carry.

Lynch Wire Clips in stock.
All Access Pry Bars expected next week.

Lynch Northwest is run by Casey Lynch in Rockford, Washington. Maker of pocket clips, knife accessories, and pocket multi-tools, each product is designed and made in the USA.

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The Shikra Knife gets its name from the Shikra Hawk, because it's light, aggressive and talon sharp. The Shikra is a folding knife with a single linen micarta handle on one side and a titanium handle on the other side. The black plain edge stainless steel blade locks in place with a titanium frame lock to offer safety and stability.
Hinderer XM-18
3.5" Skinner,
S35VN / Coyote G10
This knife is *Pre-Owned* from a collection and in Perfect condition. 9/10 Condition

The XM-18 is known the world over as one of the toughest tactical folders regardless of your mission. Rick's focus when designing the XM-18 was a no nonsense tactical tool ready for the simplest cutting tasks to high speed low drag operations.

This variation has a Stonewashed Skinner Blade & Stonewashed Ti Lockside. Coyote Tan G10 Scale. Pre-Gen5
There's mayhem below.

Baby it's cold outside...
While supplies last.
We carry a wide variety of limited edition Olights. Check here to see what we have in stock.
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So this one time, I joined a couple of my dearest friends on a very challenging ice fishing expedition to Lake Okeechobee. Stan and Oliver stopped by at a devastatingly early 5 a.m. on a brisk August morning and I got to work packing my ice fishing gear into their already over-loaded Mini. After stuffing my fly rod, tackle box, ice auger, arctic sleeping bag, Johnny Warmer, stay warm juice and Vertx EDC Ready gear bag into the back, I crammed myself into the backseat for the 4 hour ride. Poop! It was then I realized I had forgotten my Darn Tough T4021 Tactical Boot Cushion socks and snow boots. I clawed my way from the car and ran back to the breezeway to retrieve these essentials. Stan helped re-insert me into the car, and we were off.

As the ride was rather long, we passed the time singing the songs of “Bye Bye Birdie” and “Man of La Mancha” while playing slug bug. Stan truly dominated the singing with his amazing falsetto brought to the forefront with the aid of Oliver’s bowler hat. Listening to them bandy words was most entertaining. Ahh good times...

When we arrived at Lake Okeechobee, we quickly set about unloading our portable ice hut from the roof of the car and unpacking our gear. Oliver proceeded to scout the ice for a suitable location, while Stan and I wrestled with the assembly of the ice auger. Soon Oliver returned with news that he had found an appropriate spot for the hut on the shore from which we could cast out to a couple of ice holes. Donning my Darn Tough socks and snow boots, I grabbed my equipment and we trundled off through the drifts towing the hut harnessed to our backs.

I’ve got to say that ice fishing was a lot more demanding than I remembered. From the tediousness of baiting each of the six hooks of the jitterbug with wax worms to trying to hit that tiny hole from shore, it became a rather taxing afternoon. Watching the lure skittering past the ice hole again and again, I worked up such a sweat casting that I had to ditch my goose-down parka. One saving grace, however, was the entertainment of watching Stan lift Oliver’s fleece-lined trapper hat gently from his head as he cast hula popper and hat toward the hole. The look on Oliver’s face was priceless. And then too, when Stan ran out of bait and went looking for the mousies, only to find that Oliver had mistaken them for a snack; delicately holding them by the tail and eating them as if a gourmet delicacy.

When I finally stopped laughing, we all became aware that a pair of large white headed vultures of some sort was standing on the ice peering intently into one of our holes. The first quickly snatched what appeared to be a rather large halibut, while the second pulled a 6 pound rainbow trout from the waters. Rather stunned, we watched in amazement as these two struggled awkwardly with their loads into the air. But as luck would have it, they were jumped by several black birds almost immediately and dropped their catch in the melee. We would be eating fish for dinner after all!

We gathered our gear and headed back to camp with our lucky find. After ravaging my
Vertx EDC Ready ruck sack, I located the Exotac polySTRIKER XL Black / Black & tinderTIN Shavings fire starting kit and Kai Pro 6” Flexible Filet knife. Handing the fire kit to Oliver, I set to work with the filet. It was then I noticed the rather sheepish look on Stan’s face as he muttered, “I might have accidentally left the camp skillet on the roof of the car when we left home.” With a look of bemused disappointment, Oliver responded, “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten us into!” ... wait, what...what?

Fine, just forget it.

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