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The Crafty Plan and Islam

February 20, 2015

The violence coming from Islamic extremists in the world is the direct result of men and women who are serious about advancing Islam in the world. Islam allows for all forms of evil to exists, as long as it is done in submission to Allah. Some use Islam to gain power, some use it to exercise the dreadful desires that reside in their own heart, and still others want the divine favor of Allah so they can receive the eternal rewards that Islam promises, which is simply an eternal gratification of humanity’s natural lusts. They do not realize, nor do they care to know, that Allah is merely a devil that is paraded about the world by the foolish and ignorant.  
In all cases, Islam is an evil presence that works against the love of God and the truthfulness of Christ. Islam will claim peace but stir division to gain power; it will always step presumptuously across all lines of authority and will even ask for your help to gain its foothold in your territory. Whenever someone declines Islam’s approach and defends Christ, they cry intolerance and will put on the victim’s face like a lost puppy in need of help. However, when it gains an upper hand, Islam will seek to instill fear upon all those who will not convert to its tenants, which is demonstrated through submission to its rulership, from which the word Muslim is derived; the word means submission or surrender. Muslims offer constant contempt for anything or anyone that does not completely yield to Islam, but then act like a victim whenever someone declares the foolishness of their ways. Islam is the religion for all those disenchanted with their life and is looking for a purpose that allows them to exercise the evil in their heart, regardless of its form; that is why it is so welcomed by the disenfranchised, such as the prison population.
Islam has seditiously stepped onto American soil, crept into the American government, and slid into our neighborhoods, seeking to steal away America’s freedom and undermine this nation’s Christian presence in the world. The insidious plan has been at work for some time; I have been warning of its danger for the past twenty years. This newsletter is to hopefully warn all those who have an ear to hear. Some will think me an alarmists or a right-wing kook, but please consider the crafty plan outlined below. This plan was never developed by man alone; it is too complex, spread out over too much time and space, and involves too many players to be devised by one man or nation. This plan has an unholy spiritual source. As the apostle John wrote, “The whole world is under the sway of the wicked one” (1 John 5:19).
The Plan:
First, attack the nation that has influenced the world with the presence and power of Christ, spreading the Good News that Jesus Saves. Speak evil of America and her allies and wage conflict with anyone or anything that is western. Tell everyone that American influence is evil and point to any and all atrocities that can be linked to Americans in anyway. Shock the people in order to gain attention and force people to take notice of Islamic presence and its power.
Second, influence the American President (Bush), who claims Christ and acknowledges Christianity as his personal conviction, to label the attacks as terrorists while defending Islam in general calling it, “a peaceful religion”. Give Islam legitimacy; be careful not to offend the Islamic nations, do not heat this pot to a boil nor stir their ire in any way. Let’s show them respect and try to win them over by our kindness. This American Administration was ill-advised; they desired peace when there was no peace present or offered. Therefore, this American Administration sought to say it all carefully; the idea was rooted in this notion: “Separate Islam from the evil by calling them terrorists.” Then, the President told the Americans that the attack was by those who “hijacked” the peaceful religion. Therefore, the conflict was focused on those who were taking the Islamic tenants too serious; they are the fanatics or extremists.
Remember, a fanatic is someone who takes their desires and beliefs very seriously, hence the word, fan. Islam is a word that means peace, but it is just wolf in sheep’s clothing; it walks about claiming peace, yet history reveals otherwise. The only time Islam is at peace is when Christianity is the dominant force or the Islamic presence is simply the culture. Then they are either moderates or non-practicing. The peaceful Muslim does not kill; he just agrees to grab the legs and help carry the body out. He claims to have not killed, but does not oppose the fanatical Islamists. The peaceful Islamist is non-threatening, but will oblige the extremist as needed, aiding them to accomplish their task.
When America heard their president, they accepted this definition and believed that Islam, in general, was innocent. Therefore, in an attempt to be good and do good Americans began defending Islam. Various Americans gave place to Mosques in their neighborhoods and Islamic teachings in their schools, in order to display how fair and unbiased they all are; especially in light of the horrendous attacks that took place. The Islamic communities just smiled and accepted all these gestures of kindness, but never spoke against the evil presence of the Islamic attacks.
Next, promote an American president who had an upbringing in Islam, who displays sympathy for their presence, and has a name that corresponds with Islam, yet lays claim to Christianity. Have the president make light of his name so that Americans are disarmed by his candor and big smile. Not wanting to appear prejudiced in anyway, and wanting to be a good person, the American culture accepts his speeches as loving, kind, and good-hearted, as he endears himself to the Americans.
Now, show the Americans what sort of Christian pastor he listened to over the years, and have the president separate himself from Christianity. Now, he is free to be religious as he chooses and as he thinks, which mainly focuses on his own legacy and admires his own presence. This move makes him free from anyone or anything. He supports himself and makes decisions that will gain favor for him, especially from those he seeks admiration, while dismissing anyone who disagrees with him, simply seeing them as an oaf. He leans toward Islam because it gives him the religious platform to exercise his own need to be admired among his own race, where he never felt welcomed and always struggled with his own identity. His desperate need surfaces and he proves what he once wrote in his book, “The Audacity of Hope.” The president wrote, “When the ill winds blow, I will always stand with the Muslims.”
Next, motivate Islam extremists to attack all things Christian and even assault anyone who is given to Islamic mediocrity; attack and assault with ferocity and zeal that makes the world cringe. Even burn one who claims to be a Muslim from Jordan, so that other Islamic nations arise and oppose the extremists, thus aligning themselves with the Americans. This Islamic nation now seems helpful, supportive and friendly.
These extremists attacked their own in order to purify the region of anything that is not zealous for their god and their convictions; even those who claim Islam, but display a tendency to be too open to the West. Now, raise up an Islamic nation to fight against these extremists who dared to attack them and gain American favor; show yourself as the peaceful Islamic nation (Jordan). Even though you are the nation that hates Israel and are committed to Israel’s demise, now you have a voice that is fully supported by the West. This is the crafty development of evil infiltrating American’s idealism and diminishing Christianity’s influence in the world through this great, God-given nation called America. America begins a friendly relationship with Jordan, while turning its back on Israel.
Now, seeing the atrocities, America opens its doors to the Islamic refugees and gives them aid and also helps Islam battle the extremists. Keep siding with Islam more and more while chasing after the Islamist believers who are too serious and violent, like a dog chasing its own tail. Then, Islamic Imams go on national television and explain how they are helping to deliver the children from the extremists. O, what a clever plan, appearing very noble before the American people who have been already leaning away from Christ for several decades and are quite ignorant to the cancer that is developing in the American bloodstream. Just this morning an Islamic Imam was on the national cable news telling everyone how he and others are now reaching out to save the children caught in extreme Islam and teaching them the peaceful aspect of Islam. Now the American borders are opening to help these poor people. What a crafty plan that gains the applause of the American people, while America becomes more ill each day and more anemic with every attempt to bring a cure to its cancerous state.
America is falling into the greater trap and plan of the enemy of God, that is, we are defending and even promoting the so-called peaceful Islam. It is all quite diabolical. The chairman of the Council on American-Islamic relations, Omar Ahmad said, "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant” (
Much of America was established by Christians, who invited others from other nations to come and be Christian and be free. They sought to establish a nation that lived a Christian life, though not completely successful, of course, but they desired to promote Christianity to all the world. Today, we are finding ourselves defending and promoting Islam in its place. Quite a slap in the face to Christ and an outright assault on true righteousness! Beware! The enemy of God seeks to diminish America and her influence and power in order to openly attack Israel without reprisal, to accomplish their mission, that is, “Death to Israel”.
When I taught philosophy in the mid 90’s at Zion Bible College, now Northpoint Bible College, I told the students to watch for Islamic growth in America. I told them that I did not know how it would surface and gain ground, but that it surely would do so. I told the class that Islam is the only force currently present in this world that would leverage American Jews out of America and flee to Israel for safety.
When Barack Obama became a senator, I told my brother to watch this man; you will surely see him again as he will rise to a greater place among America’s elite. My brother sort of ignored it at that time as it seemed implausible, yet, here we are today with the results. Recently, he brought this conversation up and recognized it as true. Barack is now the president and he gives place to Islam while diminishing and downplaying Christ, Christianity, and all things Israel in general.
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Dr. Gary H. Cote

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