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David ran toward the foul-mouthed enemy, who dared to blaspheme the Lord God Almighty. The young warrior reached into his familiar bag, which now held the five smooth stones he carefully selected from the river bed. These would serve as his projectiles to be cast from his well-used sling. David’s choice was not arbitrary; he knew what sort of stones would fly forth through the air unencumbered. The smooth stones would be truer than stones with jagged edges or a bulging surface. Smooth stones would be more apt to find their target. 

In the same manner that David chose stones fit for war, so David was chosen by the Lord to conduct war against the false god of the Philistines. David was the Lord’s stone who was being cast toward heaven’s enemies. David was in the Lord’s battle and he trusted God. David relinquished control and did not battle under the delusion that he was able to gain victory on his own. He did not see his past success as a reason to boast in his own abilities; rather, his boast was always in the Lord. David’s faith submitted to the Lord and basically said, “Use me and see fit to do with me as You will O Lord God.” David's life was on the line, as faith willingly does so because it knows there is a cause worth the fight. David looked to God to fight knowing this battle was the Lord’s battle. God employed David to oppose the enemies of God just as David chose those five smooth stones. God thrust David toward the head of the enemies of righteousness and truth, who always uses the weaknesses of man to advance their cause against godliness.

The sling that served him against the lion and bear was now working to stop this giant warrior of carnality in his tracks. David then threw his arm about in the same manner learned through the times he spent practicing as well as defending the few sheep of his father in the valley. David’s sling moved about in a circle and he then let it go at the precise time; the stone flew out of its pocket and found its place in Goliath’s forehead, just under the giant’s helmet (1 Sam. 17:49). The stone went deep and caused Goliath to fall to the ground with a thud. The nine and one-half foot warrior, trained from his youth, who had never fallen to any foe, now lay on the ground dead. He now resembled his master Dagon, who also once found his place on the ground when the Ark of the Covenant was captured and placed in Dagon’s Temple (1 Sam. 5:2-4). Goliath’s face kissed the dirt, dust you are and dust you shall be. The stone landed squarely in his forehead; its force imbedded the stone deep. The vulnerable spot was found and Goliath’s entire body went catatonic; his tongue stopped boasting, now cut-off from its pride. Goliath was felled by a mere stone that was cast toward him by a young man who simply believed God and took his stand against one who defied the armies of the Lord. David was God’s little stone being thrust toward Dagon to crush this devil’s pompous stance.

In his belief, David had advanced when opposition arose and confronted him, his belief stood fast and then moved forward. Faith does not retreat from such carnal measures or fierce foes of flesh. Faith does not yield to those who walk in unbelief. Faith must realize that there is a cause worth opposing. Battles of carnality and unbelief rage all around us, but faith must be willing to speak, act, and battle for all that belongs to the Lord. Too many saints are cowering behind false ideals that seek to excuse sin, embrace wickedness, and love sinners through pleasing and appeasing, hoping to win them over. Scripture does not promote this sort of thinking. Saints must oppose carnality in its ranks; saints must be righteous and willing to face unbelief head-on.

Today, the enemy of faith seeks to advance its cause under the banner of love, but it is at the expense of holiness. This is not the love of the Lord. Beware of the devil’s agenda and do not be ignorant of his presence. There is only one way to win and gain victory over carnality of any sort; it is by way of faith and true faith does not excuse unbelief which is always calloused toward God and holds contempt for all that is holy and righteous.

 IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?  Let’s us just look around with the eyes of the Spirit!  ITNAC
Blessings to you!
Your Friend in Christ,
Dr. Gary H. Cote
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