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Taking A Stand

August 13, 2014
In New England, there has been an ongoing battle for leadership in a grocery chain of stores called “Market Basket.” This family owned and operated business has a history of internal struggles with battling cousins, each attempting to gain control and direct its future. Recently, the Board of Directors ousted the current CEO and his management team. This decision infuriated the managers and the full-time and part-time workers who loved working for this man. Market Basket is one of this region’s favorite grocery stores and is deemed a great place to work. However, today, its store shelves are nearly empty, the parking lot is basically vacant, and the Board of Directors is bewildered. Why? How could this happen? Why would this one decision cause such an uproar that would cause such an effect?
The managers and workers took up the cause to fight for their leader, the one whom they loved. They were not part of a Union, nor were they being rebellious or obnoxious, nor were they inspired to do so by the conspiracy of an ousted leader. They simply gathered in the parking lots during their off-time and called for the reinstatement of their beloved CEO. They did not refuse to work, rather, they went to stand in the parking lots during their own off-hours asking the Board to reconsider. Their action gained the support of the consumer and the favor of the media. However, the Board of Directors has refused to yield, wanting to maintain control by eliminating their threat. They hired a new CEO, one who was not a family member and they did away with the man and his team who have a history of caring for the business and workers, pouring their talents and energies into the business. The workers saw what took place and rose up; they took a stand, refusing to bend, placate, appease, shift, or betray their loyalty to the CEO they affectionately called, Arthur T.
Why am I bringing this up to you? Because these men and women were willing to take a stand; regardless of the costs to themselves personally, they have fought for the one they loved, and stood for what they deemed was the right thing for them to do.
Is There Not A Cause in our country today? As David asked, so I am asking, “Is There Not A Cause?” The Christian life calls believers to stand fast in the faith, to be witnesses unto Christ, and to making disciples, teaching them to obey the commands of Christ. Nothing will turn our country to rightness, except by way of the Holy Spirit, who revives hearts. We are in desperate need of believers who will simply rise up and take a stand for what is biblically right and good. The King of kings calls, commands and commissions His followers to simply, “Stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love” (1 Cor. 16:13-14).
There is a great battle in the heavens being played out in the lives of mankind. The troubles of the latter-days draw increasingly closer. Evil is being called good, and good is being called evil. This is not the time to give in and tolerate such practices and thinking, rather, it is time to reveal yourself as a true witness of the Lord. We cannot simply yield and soothe ourselves with the thought that, “it’s just the way it is and there is nothing we can do about it.” We can take our stand!

So many admire the workers at Market Basket for taking their stand, but if you shift this same crowd to the local abortion clinic, it would be far different. If you took this same crowd, who are merely standing in the parking lot and calling for the restoration of their leader, and moved them to a gathering on the State Capital lawn to call for the restoration of marriage, you would have a different reaction, and the media coverage would have a different viewpoint.
This is not about going on strike or supporting insurrection; this is about taking a stand for what is right according to the character and concerns of Christ. In our nearby town, a man wanted to open a new business that catered to the perverted minds of so-called adult entertainment. Several people of the town have been opposing its place and have thus far kept it off the map. They took a stand. But what is really needed is a removal of the filthy heart and mind who longs for this demon’s presence in his or her life.
What shall you do? Ask the Lord to enable you to stand fast in the faith, fixed and immovable. Then, be willing to fight the good fight of faith, wherever it may be. Usually, it will begin right in your own home or family. We need a change in the hearts of men, but it will only come by way of the Spirit, and that will happen when men and women take a stand for Christ and strongly desire a full restoration of His leadership over their families, neighborhoods, and our entire nation.

God bless you!  
Your Friend in Christ,

Dr. Gary H. Cote

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