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When Evil Gains Preference

September 17, 2014

What will a society look like once evil has found preferential treatment? What will a country be when evil people and evil ways gain a certain regard and given presence? Today, evil is gaining ground and taking over the lives of Americans in every corner and in every sphere of our land. The main culprit for its advancement rests in the American Courts, who are purposely giving regard to evil ways and evil people in order to appear as just.
The court system presents itself as guardians of the Constitution, yet these guardians use its tenants to loosen restraints on evil, thus freeing evil from its tether. This present-day American system has shackled justice and made toleration, partiality, and feelings the new principles of fairness and justice. Truth now resides in the backseat of many judges, who drive their own version of truth about the streets of America. For these sort of judges, they see truth as that nagging presence in their backseat simply annoying them with directions.
Consider the case in NH that recently presented itself as our example. A man who was arrested for repeatedly raping a five-year old for several years was released from justice because his personal rights were transgressed upon his arrest. The officers did not read the Miranda Rights at the right time, therefore the man’s confession was disallowed and the case was thrown out of the courts. This foolish policy was used once again to uphold the rights of criminals. Yet , many judges and lawyers defend their actions under the guise of Constitutional freedom. Absurdity!

Is There Not A Cause? “When people who lived in the area of this crime were interviewed, ‘No one wanted to speak on camera, but one mother called this decision "horrifying.’”* Exactly! The man was not found innocent or guilty because the courts made a decision based on foolhardiness. Even though the man confessed, he was simply released. This system of justice hinders officers of the law, frustrates society, but more importantly, it releases evil to accomplish its end under the protection of personal rights. Yet, no one wants to say anything. Really? Nothing?
“Assistant Attorney General Elizabeth Woodcock spoke with CBS 13 via e-mail. She says: ‘I am disappointed. When a case is overturned, it is very hard on the victim and the victim's family. They have to face the trauma of a re-trial which is very hard on them.’” *  

Justice must prevail. King David said, "He who rules over men must be just" (2 Sam. 23:3). Certainly, there are times and cases when mercy must trump justice, according to the discretion of the judge. The spirit of the law must seek to extend mercy when it is deemed the more fair expression of justice. However, today, there is an utter disregard for truth or justice. This is not mercy! This is not truth! This is not righteous! This is not just! This is evil thinking ruling in our courts and directing this country’s policies to eradicate goodness from the land!
When justice is no longer anchored in truth, then it is adrift with every wind. When justice is no longer truly just, then there will be a rise of evil in the land. New laws will also increase attempting to corner its affect, but they will have no true and lasting restraint. Why? Because those who are assigned to the task of fair judgment use the laws, principles, and statutes of the Constitution to promote their own form of truth. When leadership cannot be trusted, there will surely be chaos. When justice is detained, delayed, neglected, overturned, or hindered by the judges of our land and its leaders, then evil men and their wicked agenda will increase. The devilish presence of powers will become more known as each day dawns. The righteous of the land will grow more wearisome, while people of low degree will use every angle to get their demands satisfied, always at the expense of others. O Lord, help us!
Is There Not A Cause!

Dr. Gary H. Cote


Copyright © 2014 Dr. Gary H. Cote, All rights reserved.

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