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Truth Be Known

Is There Not A Cause?

David asked this question so many years ago, and it has been stirring in my heart for the past several years. Is there not a cause? Though his older brother mocked him, David asked the question, and then it intensified till he was meeting face to face with King Saul. Still David pursued the question in his heart till he was face to face with the menacing problem-Goliath.
Is There Not A Cause? 

Our day is saturated with deception, delusions, decadence and disobedience. Many are simply depressed as unbelief saturates their heart. Amid this dilemma, the Church has become lukewarm. Numerous Christians use the current-day evils as a benchmark to measure their superior standards and to gauge their own idea of rightness. There is little fire, as many seek and enjoy the "self-life", then go to Church on Sunday to "praise the Lord."

However, surely there are those who desire truth in the inner parts and desire Truth to Be Known. There are still those who understand that there is a cause! Amid complete idolatry, immorality and injustice and indifference the Lord told Elijah, there are 7,000 who had not bowed a knee to the false gods (1 Kings 19:18). 

The Answer

There is a cause worth standing for, and it is time to act with the same intensity and desire of David, who was stirred by the Holy Spirit. This is the time of the prophet Elijah, who is the witness to the Lord's coming. My quest has been and still is the same today, to ignite faith and instruct God's people in their pursuit of God's Eternal Kingdom. This newsletter will be sent to all those interested in seeking the Lord, speaking of His Kingdom, and seeing the world as He sees it. The quest is to bring forth a revival of consecration; it is the "ITNAC" movement--"Is There Not A Cause." Revived hearts must first be awakened to their own sinfulness, and then it must be moved to brokenness realizing their great need for the Savior.
  • There are seventy individuals receiving this first newsletter. Many of you have desired the revival that changes lives and demonstrated a life that supports that desire.
  • I am looking to gather 7,000 believers ready to seek, speak and stand in the faith as Scripture defines and describes.
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  • This will not be a newsletter focused on "feeling good" or making everyone "happy." This will be centered on maturity, equipping for ministry, and the joy, peace and righteousness found only in the Holy Spirit.
More will come as all things get "worked on." My plan is to simply send out newsletters advising, informing, instructing, correcting, warning, and calling all to live a life of repentance as wholly devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Right now, it is simply time to "Begin."
Right now it is the time to ask the question--"Is There Not A Cause?"
Right now it is to build an email list of the faithful, interested in advancing the Kingdom in their lives and in all others.

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Blessings to you!

Your Friend in Christ,
Dr. Gary H. Cote


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